April 7, 2012

Haven's Mad Piano Skills!

Hannah Jane has been playing flute for years now and she's finally decided to quit.  Which I fully support because she's such a perfectionist that she cried every time she played because it wasn't perfect.  Music should make you cry unless you're overwhelmed with the beauty of it all.  Tear of self-irritation aren't welcome during music time.  I completely expect that she'll pick it back up eventually because she really was awesome for such a little thing and she took pride in being such a young player.  Anyway, I told her that I supported her giving up flute, but that she should work on piano while she figured out what her musical outlet was going to be because piano translates well to all instruments and she certainly shouldn't just lose all the skills she's built up over the years.

While I taught her a song on piano, Haven was intrigued.  He asked to learn a song too, so I taught him to sing Twinkle Twinkle in numbers that correspond to the proper finger and then had him try it on the keys.  11556654433221 and so on and so forth.  He got it no problem.  

After about a week showing off his right handed Twinkle Twinkle skills, I made up a left hand part to compliment it and he got it immediately.  Hannah Jane, who is learning a different method that's kind of a catch all piano method and doesn't involve single-fingered left hand harmonies is so impressed with what he can do.  She plays much more complicated songs, but she can't play his style, so she's in awe.  When her friend come over, she says, "Look what Haven can do!"  and he gladly shows off a little.  She's good for his ego like that!

Now that he's mastered one song, he seems content just to rock the star song and not learn anything new.  I'm eager to teach him because he caught on so stinkin' fast, but I don't want to squelch his joy and wonderment by being pushy so I'm sitting back, thinking of what he can lean next when he initiates further piano contact.  But for now, for being four, I'm super excited that he's even interested in one song.  He does rock his one song.  

Without further adieu...


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