April 9, 2012

Kitchen Demolition and the Temporary End of Food Drama

Ahhh...there's the blue ad white tile we were quick to cover with fake copper right when we moved in.  IMagine that flanked with rosters.  Bleck!

We had our second meeting with the cabinet guy that we're going with.  He does custom cabinets and somehow does them for only slightly more than Home Depot.  But his price includes crown molding and real wood while Home Depot's only includes the basic cabinets that don't fill up our exact space, no molding (unless you pay more) and uses fiber board.  So, we like.  But I didn't want to commit without running it by Joe, of course.  OS I told the guy we'd call him in a week.  He said that once we committed, he could make them in 2 days and timing would be dependent upon how long it would take us to rip out the old ones.  Since we knew we wanted him and Joe's time is limited, we went ahead and started ripping out this weekend.  No, we hadn't told the guy we were going to use him yet.  But he said 2 days and if he meant it, the kitchen would have to be torn out mid week, and Joe wouldn't be home for that so it just made sense to get cracking.

See those brown bars on the wall?  Apparently they didn't bolt our cabinets to the wall.  They bolted those bars to the wall and our cabinets were just resting on those bars.  We just lifted them off.  Really weird.

Half way through Easter Sunday, the top cabinets were out, we had begun hammering out the tile backsplash, and I said, "What have we done, Joe?"  He laughed and said, "Ahhh...Sky, remember that Easter when we ripped out our kitchen even though we didn't have a contract and then the contractor died before he started and all the other contractors had a 6 month waiting list?"  I added, "And then your office closed and we had to sell the house and no one would buy it?  I know...we'll advertise it as the Handy Man's Dream Home."  During our house hunting, we enjoyed decoding Realtor speak for this house is more work than you'll ever want to put in.  Sometimes I wonder why our house wasn't listed as a handyman's dream.

This morning I called the guy's son, who is the phone man, and said we were ready to commit and by the way, your dad said 2 days time.  Is that the deal?  He laughed a little and said, "Well, no...probably not 2 days.  Within a week maybe.  Maybe a little more."  Oh boy.  We better commit this fellow today!  I'd like to be able to be more selective about what we feed the kids than I can be when we have a microwave and fast food at our disposal.  It's like being a college kid, living in the dorms, with 3 dependent children and a boyfriend who has become accustomed to finer foods than they serve at the mess hall.  LOL!  So basically, culinary hell.  Is that an exaggeration?  Hmmm...no.

But not to worry!  We have an appointment with the cabinet and counter top guys to seal the deal this afternoon and then hopefully we'll be all set by mid week next week!

With all of that craziness, the elimination diet thing has been somewhat difficult.  We still haven't had eggs again.  We had wheat and dairy and nothing tragical happened.  Hunter was sick all day yesterday, but I doubt he had a high fever and lethargy are from a food sensitivity.  So the plan is to leave eggs out during this insanity, but go about our lives eating healthfully and see how it goes.  Once we're back on track for cooking at home with convenience, we'll give egg day another go and see how it all plays out.  And I suppose if Hunter gets out of sorts again, we'll take wheat and dairy out too, detox, and give them each a day.  But for today, he's very focused on school work, very cheerful, and nonreactive.  I'm watching him like a hawk, but so far we're good!

I'm off to pick up Joe for  date with the contractors!  Wish us luck!!!!

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