April 6, 2012

More Baby Animals, More Sugar, and a Little Snow Just to Keep things Interesting

Yesterday we basked in the sunshine at Baby Animal Days.  Today we woke up to 3 or so inches of snow. Sure, most of it had melted from the ground by the time we got there, but it kept coming down in windy, flurry-filled bursts all day making for a pretty cold day of animal fun.  But it also meant that very few people were there and we waited in ZERO lines.  Hear that Thursday friends?  All the bunny holding time you want with zero wait.  Yeah...snow days are the time to hit AWHC!  We hit everything that people waiting in line hours for on the previous day first just in case the sun decided to come out and people began to show.  But it never really happened.  It cleared for an hour or so and then it got worse than ever.  But that's what snow pants are for.  Right?  We had a blast!

Turtle Town!  Don't worry, Ted.  We sanitized thoroughly and shared your turtle-related illness information loudly with everyone within earshot :)

They were so adorable.  Like seriously.  I could have just died.  Soooooo adorable.

And so yeah.  I held one too.  So tickly!  So fast and energetic!  I soooo want one.  But I resisted the urge.

We were surprised to be offered rides on the big horses.  Didn't know that was an option!  Have you ever seen a happier picture of Hunter?   I'm pretty sure I haven't.  It probably didn't hurt that we had just watched war horse.  I'm sure in his mind he had just captured his baby brother and fled from the ranks of the German military.  And judging by the look on his face, they made it safely across the border instead of being executed.

The black lambs were the favorite animals of the day for the kids (apparently they can't properly appreciate a tiny turtle in their hands) and we kept gravitating back to the lamb pen.

Hunter never did catch that pig.

But Haven did find a baby goat just his size.  He pretty much made that the main event and took brief baby goat intermissions to see other things.

And look at that face!  Can you just hear the words, "Oh, but Mom, we have to have this one!" coming out of her mouth?

I'm gong to call this photo Bunny Meditation.  Ooommmmm...

Hunter cradled his like a baby forever!

We came home for cocoa with friends, and then the cabinet guy arrived with out estimates and samples.  Yeah...is price was amazing and included the things like crown molding and fancy hinges that the other places charge more for. I told him we'd call him back in a week, but Joe saw the samples and the estimate and said, "WE don't need another week.  He's the one.  Call him now."  Sooooo exciting!!!!

Then we made some chocolate covered pretzels for our dear friend, the amazing and apparently endlessly energetic Monica to sell at Baby Animal Days tomorrow for her Relay for Life fund raiser.  I tell you what.  If there is a cause, Monica works for it.  If there is a community event, she's working at it.  I'm pretty sure if I fell and scraped my knee, she would kiss it for me.  She's fabulous!  And so when Joe called and asked if the kids and I could make her some goodies to sell tomorrow, we felt honored!  This was a bigger act of service than normal for the kids because we're still on our elimination diets and they weren't allowed to sample any.  They handled that pretty well, considering.  Yes, it was a sugar and dye day, but it wasn't a wheat day, so the pretzels were a no go.

While we're on the subject, I've gotten many an e-mail from new readers following our diet drama, asking for updates to tide them over until the next post, sharing their own food drama stories about how figuring out the diet thing changed their kid's life, and general words of support.  So wonderful!  Thanks for every note!   So here's a little update.  This was sugar, day 2, by virtue of there being a candy cannon and all.  They did great with a small amount of dye containing sugar, but after we crossed the line from a moderate amount to a crazy amount, we had the expected insanity.  No big surprises there.  It wasn't the brain fog Hunter says he felt with the eggs.  It was your average, run-of-the-mill, I've consumed my weight in sugar and now it feels like Athena may very well burst out of my temple at any moment kind of insanity.  Hannah Jane had more irritability than the rest, which is interesting considering she was the only kids willing to steal and sneak sugar during this period.  So I'm calling a need to cut her waaaaayyyyy back on the sugar front.  After we get Easter out of our system, we'll give dairy a say and then wheat.  I'm kind of thinking we don't even give preservatives their day.  We're all healthier without them.  That's no real secret.  And we don't consume all that many of them, so I figure why drag this diet thing out.  Right?  But we have to get Easter sugar out of our systems before we can bring back dairy just so we know what's what.  Hannah Jane is really ready for cheese on he potatoes again.

And just because it cracked me up, Hannah Jane pointed out that the chip in our counter top looked an awful lot like the great state of Texas.  Why I do declare, she's right!  Haven, not having a concept of what Texas really looks like, assumed it was just assumed we were laughing because it's funny to point at the chip and name a place from our state capital song.  So he pointed at it and said, "Hey, Mom!  This hole looks just like Tallahassee, Florida!  Am I right?  Florida!  Get it?"  I had to give a little fake laugh so I didn't crush his heart.  But Texas?  Yeah.  I can see it.

More animal fun tomorrow!!!!

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