April 17, 2012

Outta This World Space Art!

Space art has absolutely zero (not to be confused with absolute zero) to do with what we are studying these days.  But on Fridays we walk Haven into speech through the doors at the far end of the building because his class start as the school day starts and I can't park in the bus lane like I can on Tuesdays.  Well, as it happens, the art room is right by our Friday door and we always see the coolest most interesting art on the walls there.  I usually make mental note or snap a quick picture to file away under "Do this when it makes sense with what we're studying."  But when we saw this particular art, it was decided that we could not possibly just file it.  We had to make it.  Like, immediately (I hate that I just used "like" in that way).  And because it is so darn cool, I have to share how to do it.

The end product will give you a view of planets from some other planet.  Ready?

First you choose 2 colors of paint and you make chunks of both colors on white card stock.  Try not to leave too much white.

You should end up with something along these lines!

 Trace 3 smallish round objects on your painting and cut those out.  I used a pint sized mason jar bottom and an acrylic paint bottle for my circles.  Once you've cut out your three circles, tear the remaining paper in half.  Rip half into fairly good sized chunks (roughly 2 inches square) and the other half into smaller chunks.  Don't go too small.  You can always go smaller later, but you can never go big again.

You'll get a little pile like this!  Yipee!  Once you've got your pile, you can scribble some shading with a black crayon.  Just random, fat little cracks to add some depth.

Now you're going to start gluing your torn paper pieces to form a sort of U shape along the bottom edges of your paper.  So, all along the bottom and then half way up both sides.  Then sort of fill in the corners so that you get a rocky valley look.  Am I making sense?  You'll want to glue your bigger pieces first and the layer your smaller pieces on top of those.  You're going for the look of a rock slide in a canyon.  Oh, yeah...this is a good time to glue your planets so that they are suspended in space.

Something like this!  See that right-most planet?  I thought it was too big, so I traced the bottom of a glue stick and cut a smaller planet out to use.  But then I thought it looked like a planetary eclipse, and decided to keep the outer part rather than the smallish planet!  Hannah Jane and Haven both made planetary eclipses too, but Hunter stuck with 3 giant planets.  He's his own man, ya know?

Can ya see it?  You're in a rocky valley on some distant planet and you're gazing up at the other planets in your solar system.  But what about some stars???

Water down some white paint, roll your brush in it, and sling it all around.  Voila!  Stars!

This is mine.  Joe made so much fun of me as we stood in the school room last night and he realized that there were 4 of them.  But ya know?  Someone has to demonstrate.  Plus, I never quite outgrew my love of elementary school art projects.

And these are theirs.  A little blurry because they were jumping up and down with them and because I was stuck using my camera phone in the poorly lit school room because the cabinet guys were upstairs and I couldn't get to my camera.  But you get the picture, right?

Speaking of cabinets, they are in!  Whoo-hoo!  But they need some changes, and when I spend that kind of money, I become less afraid to demand perfection than I normally am.  So they are coming back tomorrow to fix a few things.  And our granite guy is coming tomorrow to take laser measurements.  And we've agreed on a backsplash that we can install ourselves.  Sooooo...soon I will have some after pictures to share!  Yay!!!!

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