April 1, 2012

spring is in the air!

This was the view out my front window tonight.  Not bad, eh?  I kind of love that part of where we live.  Other parts...well , other parts have been bugging me this week but I've tried to block it all out with joyful spring activities.  And it was easy to overlook my irritations while the weather was warm.  But today, though, those dark clouds rolled in, snow flurries swirled, and spring felt as far away as it ever has.  Today was a nice, moody, gray and damp sort of day.  But, here are some of the things we did before those dark clouds rolled back by.

We tried our hand at natural egg dying.  Yeah...not our favorite thing.  I didn't bother to post all of the pictures of the eggs sitting in color that never took.  The pale yellow from - oh, I don't recall which spice actually yielded a faint yellow, but one did - was the sole color grantor.  And on those eggs I used a brown Crayola marker to make henna tattoo-inspired eggs like the ones all over Pinterest.   Not bad, but nothing to write home about.

After my nutty van make over, I used some scrap fabric to sew Hannah Jane a skirt and 2 for myself.  She does, after all, have far more clothes than I do.  It was crazy windy, so our skirts kept flying around at odd angles when we went out to photograph them, but I'm still willing to share her pic.  Mine?  Yeah...no.  There's nothing flattering about a picture taken from below and in the wind.  Those were some seriously bad pictures!  They were promptly deleted.

After the natural dye let down, we went and got us some good old fashioned color pellet in a cup of vinegar dye and got the real party started. This was during Haven's weird withdraw meltdown that I mentioned a few days back, so he missed the fun.  But don't worry.  This morning he got to scribble all over some eggs with markers and was happy as a clam.   Hunter really took his time dunking and turning and checking color saturation.  He's never been so meticulous with something like that.

Then we used coffee filters folded and dipped into the left over dye to make little butterflies.  What else are you going to do with all that leftover dye?

Joe finally got home from Florida at 3am this morning.  We all slept in late just to snuggle him, but he didn't drag himself out of bed until almost 11!  In that time the rest of us all had a nice big gluten free pancake breakfast (and by nice, I mean not at all nice,  but food none-the less.  Dear Lord, please don't make us give up wheat!), the kids watched a movie just to keep quiet and let dad sleep, and I made another A-line summer skirt.  When he did pull himself out of bed and the weather looked foul, he decided it was the day to finally pull out that circuit board we bought for him to build with the kids.  They all gathered around and messed with wires and batteries and switches to make a light bulb light.  They only had the attention span for the very first activity: making the bulb light with a switch.  Next weekend we'll do 2 bulbs, Morse code, and some other little fun electricity stuff.  And after that I suppose we'll be ready to open up all of our dead laptops and see what's inside!

We're so glad Joe's home.  So, so glad.  And it was kind of nice for cozy-up and stay inside weather to arrive with him.  We had a nice, relaxing family day.  Now we're off to snuggle up and watch the DVD I rented to watch alone last night, but in my loneliness forgot that I rented.  Ooops!  It'll be better with Joe anyway!

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