April 30, 2012

Still Here

I know it must have seemed like I dropped off the face of the planet, but this bounteous life has left little room for computer time of any sorts.

My dad came for a visit to our home, which at that point had a kitchen with beautiful new cabinets and no counter tops above them, no working sink, and beat up, peeling floors.  Yeah...it was a visit to remember!  We ate out a LOT and my poor dad had to go downstairs every time he wanted water to make tea with (which was a lot because he drinks a ton of tea) and being that he just had knee surgery, that wasn't really an ideal scenario.

On his last full day in town the counter tops were installed.  There was a slight problem and he had the guts to call for me and ask them to come fix it.  Then he stood guard and scrutinized their work for me.  I'm too polite. I brought myself to be tough with the cabinet guys and had them come back twice, but by the time the counters got here I had spent all my tough on the cabinet guys and there was none left to demand smooth surfaces.  Good thing my old man was here to be tough on my behalf!

During my dad's visit, the publisher called and said they were ready to start work on my book, which meant I had to actually hand it over to the editor.  That was emotional.  I don't deal super well with criticism and I'm super type-A so I could have worked and worked on that book until I was a little old blue haired woman and I would never have felt like it was ready to let someone else read.  So handing it over made my chest hurt more than a little.  And now they say that this is a wash, rinse, repeat cycle of tearing it apart and then building it back up.  I know this will make it better, but I also know that my ego is fragile.  This will be good for me, though.  Really, at 31 it's time I start being able to accept constructive criticism without melting into a puddle on the floor.  My dear dad sat at the computer for an hour or so with a thesaurus open in one window and my book cover open in the other.  He didn't like my subtitle and neither did I, but I just couldn't find the right words.  He browsed amazon and counted characters in the best looking book listings and tried to help me come up with a title that didn't exceed the primo character count.  He's so great with that sort of thing and even thought we didn't get it completely perfect, I'm a whole lot closer that I was before he sat down to brainstorm with me.

My poor, sweet dad survived his visit and when we dropped him off at the airport shuttle we were all overwhelmed with emotion over his departure.  He cried.  We cried.  Well, we sobbed.  For a long, long time. So on out way back home I stopped and bought the Adele 21 CD to soothe our broken hearts.  My dad is an Adele fan and we'd never really listened to her until his arrival.  While he was here we listened to her almost constantly.  So I knew I could distract the kids from their crying if we blasted Set Fire to the Rain and thought of Pa.  It worked!

Since Pa's departure Joe and I have been trying to put the final touches on the kitchen so we can get back in it and cook.  No luck.  Well, a little luck!  Joe was able to install the new faucet and to all of the under the sink plumbing.  I was pretty proud of him!  But still, there's a problem with the dishwasher drain, the leveling and since he was here, I asked for a quote on the back-splash and window sill and hanging the microwave to save Joe's battered shoulder.  He gave a great price, so I've officially pawned all of our remaining work off on this random handy man named Mike.

Our last handy man ended up being a sex offender who didn't show up to finish his job, presumably because my dearest friend happens to be the woman who prosecuted him.  I'm not positive that's why, but she and I had been hanging out in the hammock when he was due to show up and our neighbors told me he was really really in need of work, so they couldn't figure out why he didn't show.   I put 2 and 2 together and that's all I could come up with.  So, while this guy made notes on a receipt from his wallet, I jotted down his name from a credit card that was sticking out and  then when he left for the hardware store, I ran his name through every database I could find.  He's in the clear.  Phfew!

Today while I was rattling off my list to Fix-It Mike, he found something else I need to call the cabinet guys to fix.  I'm so not thrilled to deal with them again.  Their price was great, and their work was overall great, but there have been so many small things that thy just seemed not to care about getting right.  I just called again and they are becoming less happy to fulfill my requests.  But still.  The dishwasher should really be able to close and when I asked them about that last time, they brushed it off saying that once the dishwasher was leveled it would fit just fine.  Still, my handyman has now leveled everything and confirmed that no amount of leveling will make a 24 in dishwasher close into a 23 and 5/8 inch space.  The cabinet guy now wants to be here when my handy man is here, which seems conforntational (I hope the cabinet guy doesn't cost me a great handy man!) and has already hinted that the blame might somehow rest with the counter top guys.  But it was obvious from the start that this space was wrong and he just insisted that it would be fine as soon as our plumber fixed it.  Wrong.

So, that's where we are!  We've thrown in a complete diet overhaul in the last 2 days - going all vegan all at once (for health reasons, not values reasons) and so Joe and I are steadily trying to find things that we love to eat that are completely free of animal proteins.  But that's a life upheaval for another post.  When it rains, oh baby, don't it pour?  LOL!  More to come!  Right now I have a handy man and a cabinet guy to referee!


  1. Wow so no eggs!?!?! I was wondering what would happen with that, cant wait to read the post on that one...

    And I have been thinking of you, figured you were just very busy... sounds crazy busy there, life without a kitchen, gee I can imagine how difficult it would be!!!

    Sending much love and special Ridvan greetings!!!

    1. Ahh...well, the sensitivity test was halted on account of not having a kitchen, but we haven't had any eggs since we became suspicious. We fully intended to get back to toying with our food and figuring out if anything could be bugging him, but Joe and I have found proper motivation to become Vegan (2 weeks now and going strong! Whoo-hoo!) for health reasons.With the 2 adults in the house focusing on a vegan lifestyle, most of the things we were going to test are out of the house anyway. He has certainly mellowed out a bit since we've made these adjustments, but he'll probably always be a little on the over-sensitive side. Late Ridvan greetings to you, as well!

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