April 5, 2012

Swim Lessons, Baby Animal Days, and Sugar Day!

What a big day!  The boys had their first swim lessons with the amazing Miss Anna at the Sport's Academy this morning.  They did so great!  I tell you, this Anna is some sort of water fairy-god mother because she just inspires the kids to overcome their fear and do it!  I'm so grateful we found her!

That's Hunter, who last summer eagerly jumped in the pool for swim classes, and then promptly found it to be so overwhelming that he jumped back out and screamed each and every day we went back, sometimes not even getting in the pool.  But Anna is so reassuring that he didn't a have problem.  He did everything she asked, and you can see by his face that he felt pretty good about what he could do!

Haven had trouble sitting on the steps for his turn.  He needed lots of reminders!

After swim lessons we rushed home to get dried off, loaded up our snack bags, and headed to the American West Heritage Center for Baby Animal Days!  That's our favorite annual event in the valley and last year we worked it.  It was not nearly as much fun working there, so today the kids basked in the glow of being back as members and not volunteers.  Ahhh...So much better.

And with Baby Animal Days comes our other favorite Utah thing (maybe they do this other places, but we never witnessed it in Tennessee or Oregon) the candy cannon.  They fill these little cannons with candy and launch it into the air for the kids to run out and grab.  And it would be simply inhumane to do the elimination diet thing on candy cannon day.  Right?  So we bumped up sugar and dyes day in order to partake.  And you know what?  Everyone did fantastic!  They did so fantastic after candy cannon candy that when our friends headed to the mercantile to buy rock candy, we went too!  And still they did great!  So, in the spirit of overdoing what you're testing (remember eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner on egg day?)  I gave them a handful of jelly beans in the van.  Just to... push the limits of this test?  No.  To say, "Hey, you stood in 40 minute lines twice in a row and handled it so well that I just want to thank you for making what could have been a really bad situation completely bearable."  Because they really did.  And honestly, when Hunter is going to have a meltdown, that is the kind of situation that would bring it on.  40 minute line to get in and then straight to the pony ride line for another 30 or so and they all were just fine.  But we weren't just there to test sugar reactions!

We rode horses...

Swung on the world's most dangerous swings with dear friends...

got donkey kisses...

fell in love with a pony...

and a bunny...

and begged for just one more goat at home.  PLEASE...pretty please?

So yeah.  It was a big day!  A great day!  All of our favorite people were at baby animal days, so I got lots of chat time (in those 40 minute long lines) with the most inspiring moms I  know, and the kids got lots of hand holding, squealing, and seeing who can pick who up.  Why is that so much fun when you're a kid?  I tell you, I have never once tried to pick up one of my mom friends and then yelled, "Look!  I can pick Sarah up!  I'm so strong!  Now you do it, Sarah!  Pick me up!"  Yeah... that must be a passing craze!  LOL!  I saw a few friends that I wanted to spend more time with, but just couldn't stop in the middle of the chaos either because one of my kids was with another family that I had to keep up with or just because the flow of traffic was pushing us ever forward, so we made fast plans to go back tomorrow and meet up with those friends who are also members and can come back for no extra fee.

And to top it all off, Hunter got in the van, buckled his buckles, and actually said to me, "Mom, I've had colored candy and I actually do feel completely in control.  Like I can deal with things not going my way.  Is that how you feel all the time?"  Made me almost want to cry.  I'm still not calling eggs until we have another try and see day, but Hunter just verbalized feeling a difference between egg day and sugar and dyes day that was pretty clear.  And I know he'd choose eggs over candy any day, so the fact that he was willing to say it says a lot.

Fun was had by all and we're doing it all again tomorrow!!!!!

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