May 20, 2012

Catch Up on Random Fun Things I Forgot to Share This Month

I took that kind of lengthy blogging hiatus and we did some pretty cool stuff in there that I never got around to sharing pictures of, so this will be a pretty random post made up of here and there photos, mostly because this corner of the web serves as our digital scrap book as much as a sharing space.  And also because everyone should see my Granny with Captain Jack Sparrow!

Joe mostly wrapped up a massive yard project involving a ton of gravel and a fire pit, so we're finally out enjoying the back yard.

We hit the Air Force Museum when we were out that way.  Hunter loved this plane.

Hannah Jane had a little obsession with this light up map.  I can't explain that one.

"Polka dotted plane!  Polka dotted plane!"

A new exhibit with a replica of a jail cell from WWII.  It was really emotional to see the wooden beds with no mattresses and shackles on the bed.  The account from the man who was help prisoner there was really moving.

My Granny visited and braved the Renaissance Fair with us and had got her very own picture with Captain Jack Sparrow!

We took in some jousting!

On the way back we finally went to Maddox in Brigham City.  My friend Sarah always raves about their pie, but we loved this giant beef sign!  LOL!

But no one complained about the pie :)

Haven kept asking, "Is this dinner or lunch?"  To which I replied, "It's just pie.  Sometimes you just want pie in the middle of the day.  Right?"

And then there was this odd scene that I encountered.  Haven is putting my knee high boots on Hunter while Hunter is going potty.  Makes me want a door open in the bathroom rule so I can keep an eye on them!  

 That's just a little taste of the madness over here!  Lot's of fun and lots going on!

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  1. Anonymous19.2.14

    Bravo! This woman has a balanced life. Not an easy thing to do for a mother who homeschools her kids. In today's world, even when you do have more time on your hand, you don't have enough. I praise this woman for sharing that time with her kids. They only stay little for so long.


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