May 7, 2012

Dinosaurs and Swimming Pools

Last week Joe had to go give some talks in outlying Utah towns at the smaller satellite campuses, which happened to be really close to some super cool dinosaur places.  So the kids and I tagged along and while he was getting his power point on, we were swimming in freezing cold pool water (and by we I mean the kids.  I sat on the side in a sweater and hat reading a magazine) and hitting some neat little museums and parks.

Best hotel bed ever!  But the pillows were so stinking huge and fluffy that I had a neck ache.  Good problem to have in the realm of hotel problems.

I can't explain why they were willing to get into this water.  Brrrr...

His long hair was made for swim trunks.  It's the only time people substitute beach boy for girl.  

Yes, she was freezing, but she tells me it was worth it.  I somehow doubt that.

We finally made it to Dinosau National Monument, where they found so many bones in one spot that they stopped digging and built a building right over it so you can go see them still in the ground.  Very cool!

Looked like a horse rearing up to Hannah Jane.

That's the look of Hunter in heaven!  "This bone is my size!"

"Look at me. Mom!  I'm fierce!   Garrrrr!!!!"

Touching real, actual dinosaur bones.  No replicas here, Baby!

So happy!  All the men in my life love dinosaurs!

We took a hike around the monument to see if we could spot any bones in the ground.

They haven't worked out all of the kinks yet, so you drive up this hill with a ranger to see the bones in the wall and then the hike is one way back down to the visitor center (not where your car is) so I had a little me time hiking back up to the van and driving it around to where they would come out at the end of the hike.  I really, really enjoyed getting to walk in the desert alone for a while.  Scared of rattlers?  Was I ever!  But quiet time in the dry, windy desert air to climb and think?  When do I ever get that?

This was the point where the ranger who was sort of leading the hike (she lives there and homeschools her son on Dinosaur National Monument land!  Can you even imagine that kid's childhood?  Picking up real bones on walks every day?) told me that my family had turned around and gone back up to the top.  This made no sense since they knew I was going up to get the van.  I wasn't sure what to do.  I had climbed back up to the van, drove it down and parked it at the visitor center, and was now 15 minutes into the hike back up from the bottom where I was supposed to run into them.  I was sure they wouldn't hike back up at that point, so I kept going as she looked at me like I was a fool.  Maybe 5 minutes later they rounded the bend.  Hunter had found a lizard tail, which no doubt  caused them all to stop and ooh and ahh for a minute while the ranger and her son walked on without them.

Hannah Jane took this for us and I loved it until I looked at it large and realized that I had a phone and keys in my back pocket, which makes my rear look pointy and weird.  Oh well.  At least it makes it look like I have a rear for once!  

Our first trip through the dinosaur garden at the Field House Museum in Vernal

This is the trip where we learned that Haven has a "Holy Mammoth" for a pet at his secret club.  Hannah Jane loved hearing that so much that she asked him to say it over and over again.  "A woolly mammoth?"  "No!  It's Holy Mammoth!"

This Dinosaur Garden was AMAZING!!!

We all agreed that this was a dinosaur that we could be best friends with.  Look at that smile!

What a ham!

Never mind that we have every one of these toys at home!  This museum rocks!

Hunter was in his element on this trip.  He is fully in his dinosaur phase and this was his dream day!

Yes, every museum we've been to in this entire state has one of these dig stations, but apparently it never gets old.

This was a really cool electronic dichotomous key-type display that led you through the steps of identifying the fossil above each display.  Haven really loved it!  It's the kind of actual learning that my kids normally pass over in museums in favor of plastic toy dioramas, but this one caught everyone's attentions for at least a while. Haven did every one of them twice!

Now we're home for one day of school work and Hannah Jane's state testing and then tomorrow my Granny comes out for a few days!  Can't wait to see her!  Then soon after, we're heading to sunny California to see Gramma Jamma's new house, and cousin Emmy's new house, and get Aunt Jeanie hugs!  But we've vowed to take school work with us this time.  After just a few days off when my dad came out, it was like school work was this foreign form of torture and all of the math facts we've been working so hard on just fell right out of their heads!


  1. You are so gorgeous Skyla! I know that's not the comment I should be making on this post lol but I can't help it especially since you don't usually post pics of yourself hehe.

    Other than that, looks fun and I can imagine how lovely the solo walk would have been. I can live vicariously.

    I always scan your posts for tips of how you manage with three kids. I'm so scared of three. Two I believe I can manage (homeschooling I mean) but three - just not sure I can do it! Did you ever feel this way?!

  2. Oh my heavens! You just made my day! I never post pics of myself because I never have any. I'd hate to be that woman always snapping pics of herself, but I had to document my most peaceful quiet moment in 8 years!

    As for homeschooling 3, you just find your groove. You really do. You can do it! It is harder, but if you're lucky enough to have them close together, you can teach something in a broad way and hold them accountable at different, age appropriate levels with regards to the same lesson. You'll be amazing!

  3. I'm so glad I checked this post again! :-)

    I'm still totally undecided about having three... !!!!! Although I think we will probably go for it most days, some days I'm sure we shouldn't. But thanks for the encouragement. I guess we'll just see in another year or so where we're at!! We definitely cant have them too close as we plan to be out of the country for 3 months next year so third will have to be at least 3 years after our second. Ahh life decisions. Reading your blog gives me hope it *is* possible though ;-)

    Although I'm not a trained teacher and really not all that smart in a lot of ways (I love to write but was never into math or science) so a bit nervous teaching so many kids. Cant wait to read your book, might give me some answers? :-)

  4. I will admit that sometimes I think we would have been wise to stop at 2, but number 3 is such an awesome little guy that I can't imagine life without him! But yeah, life changes when the adults are outnumbered by shorties, and with homeschooling, it's more like 3 on 1. But in public school it's 30 on 1 and they still manage to make it work. I'm sure you'll make the choice that's right for you. You seem like a woman of great insight. Hugs!

  5. Those are good points... hmmm gives me a few more things to think about, thanks :-)


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