May 21, 2012


We went to the cousin's house for a late Mother's Day, early birthday party for my sis-in-law, Stacey, and it all happened to be on the afternoon of the solar eclipse!  We had a ton of fun splashing in their new pool and seeing their new house, but when eclipse time came, we couldn't really see much at first.  Everyone said, "It's different out here.  There's like a filtered look."  But I couldn't tell a difference at all.

But then we noticed that the light coming through the trees was making a C shape on the wall of the house instead of general patches of light.  I wasn't expecting that!  The whole side of the house was covered in these little light circles.

So Gramma Jamma went and grabbed her cardboard and poked a hole in it and behold!  Safe to look at eclipse!  Pretty cool!

Look at those 2 hamming it up!  This was about the only split second that any of the kids cared much about the eclipse.  There was a pool and cousins that they only see once a year or so, so a rare solar event wasn't ranking very high for them.  But the adults got a kick out of it!

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