May 19, 2012

End of the School Year Party!

This week we had our online public school's end of the school year party.  And because they are so awesome, they let us invite friends and family to join in even if they aren't enrolled.  So we invited our favorite family of homeschoolers to join us and we all had a ball!

The party was at Fun Park and the kids could play laser tag, roller blade, play in the giant indoor play place full of slides and nets, or go bowling.  We did all of it!  For 2 hours the place belonged to part time and full time on-line schoolers and the place was packed!  I never got a picture that showed the enormous crowd there, but there were easily 100 kids there.  It was a crazy fun mad house!  And for most of the time the kids were off doing their thing, so I got some nice, although frequently interrupted chat time with my favorite mom pals and a few new moms that I haven't gotten much time with before. time.  Love it!

All of my pictures are blurry because the lighting in that place stinks!  I've never gotten a decent pic of the kids roller blading!  Oh well!  Here are the blurry pics of the day!

This little blur is Hannah Jane and her bff Eva!  Those girls spent the entire day enthralled with one another and completely no needing their mothers one bit! 

I thought I was finally going to get a cute one of them holding hands while they skated, but by the time my camera decided to do its thing, they were looking like zombies heading for a wall!

There was some necessary consultation among the bowlers of all sizes to decide who was going to get which ball.  There was only one light one and everyone wanted it.  Took them a while to realize only one person bowls at a time so it could be everyone's ball. 

So I throw it that way?

To be 6 years old, hurling a 7 pound ball, you must use your entire body.  Kai showed him how to hold it with 3 fingers, but that was clearly not going to give him the power he needed. 

Finally some families cleared out and we got a ramp.  Bowling is soooo slow when tiny arms throw the ball with barely enough power to make it down to the pins.  This sped us up quite a bit!

 Joe popped by to say hi, but sadly the kids were in laser tag when he arrived.  When they came out, they hugged him and promptly ran off and ditched us.  Hannah Jane ran off to bowl with Eva and the boys headed into the playground.  He and I had a few awkward moments together in the middle of the chaos and then he went to invade Hannah Jane's girls time for a few minutes to make his lunch break worth his while.  I felt so bad for him.  But it's always nice for me to get a Joe hug in the middle of the day.

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