May 30, 2012

The Laugh of the Day

The boys were just sent out back to eat their apples by Hannah Jane, who is trying desperately to record the oral response to her Latin quiz for her online teacher to evaluate and can't do it with all the noise in the background.  They happily headed out back, but promptly ran in screaming about a wasp.  Hunter was devastated, sobbing, "I didn't finish my apple, but it's still out there and I can't get it because a wasp will chase me again!"

I excused him from finishing the apple because I was too busy working on my book at the moment to go out back and engage in bee warfare.  Last I heard, he was going to get a new apple and head to the front yard.  But before I knew it, Haven had proudly gone out and retrieved the half eaten apple.  He came in and said, "Mom, I got Hunter's apple because I'm a bee expert.  I know how to make the sound.  So I just went zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and they think I'm a bee too and don't mess with me.  That's how you know I'm an expert!  Yup!"  His pride level at being a bee expert was too funny.  He really and truly believes that he didn't get stung because the wasp thought he was a wasp too. 

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