May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Festivities

It was a fun Mother's Day, but the activities leading up to it began more than a week ago.  We picked a somewhat lengthy project to make for the mothers this year so it took several steps over several days to complete.  I found this tutorial for making fingerprint necklaces and we decided to use it as our inspiration.

The kids pressed their fingers into small balls of oven bake clay and then punched a hole in the top with a paper clip.

Next the kids hand painted them gold and then I spray painted them with a copper colored coating.  Suddenly it occurred to us that mothers like god mothers and step grandmothers might not want to wear kid art around their necks ever, so we hot glued the prints to magnets for them.

Here's the finished product!  That happens to be mine.  Is it totally tacky to make yourself a Mother's Day gift if it's the only way to get exactly what you want?

Next we needed cards.  Perhaps you've seen the tutorial running wild on Pinterest that shows you how to use the bottom of a plastic bottle to make a flower print? didn't work for us.  At all.

But we had some potatoes on hand, so I carved up a rough heart shape and we went with that.  Clearly Hunter is totally enamored with the potato stamp concept.  Oh, and look at my fabulous new counter tops!!!!  We're still waiting on a few things to be installed before I post our after pictures.

Clearly, the potato is superior to the plastic bottle!

A little cursive and we were all done!  Cute, huh?

On Mother's Day itself, I had to take my Granny to the airport shuttle at 3 in the morning.  And while I would have just rolled out of bed and gone in my jammies, she wanted me to wake her up 45 minutes before we needed to leave to do all of her Granny business before we left.  So I woke her up, read some Walden while I sat on the steps waiting for her, drove her to the shuttle, and waited for it to get there 10 minutes late.  By the time I got home, I was seriously awake.  So my first Mother's Day gift was Joe letting me sleep in until 9:00!!!  It's been years since I've slept in that late!  It felt both fantastic and wasteful.  My day seemed so short after that!

When I woke up, there was a giant poster with artwork from my favorite kids on earth and a giant potted iris - my all time fave flower!  The rest of the day was garden day!

Hannah Jane weeded this little bed to claim as her own, but then we told her how pretty her sunflowers would look against the red fence along the garden's edge and she changed her plans.

Here's the lovely arch leading to the giant empty dirt patch we began with.

This is Haven's best gardening outfit and his prized possession of the day, a pack of Sugar Baby watermelon seeds.  We've never ever actually gotten a watermelon to grow in our garden, but that doesn't stop us from trying year after year after year.

This is my Mother's Day pile of real, spontaneous gifts of love.  Hunter kept clipping white flowers off of these weed bushes that grow along the canal and yelling, "Happy Mother's Day!!!"  And Hannah Jane clipped me the dying Daffodils from her raised bed.  Soooooo sweet!

Everyone worked together to throw rocks out of the would be watermelon patch, some better dressed than others :)

That was our day!  Being a mom is so great that I don't think we need an extra day to call our own, but it sure is always a great one!  Happy Mother's Day to all you mom friends out there!!!

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