May 15, 2012

The Secret Clubs

Two oddballs in a pod!

 About a year ago the boys started this funny little strategy to not get all ticked off when they didn't get their way.  It seemed slightly defiant, but in a more healthy way than your usual, run of the mill defiance and certainly more entertaining.  Every time they would ask for a specific snack that I wouldn't allow or a pet that is against the law, say an alligator or cobra, they'd say, "No big deal.  I have pet cobras and fruit snacks at my secret club anyway." 

It started small, but the secret club phenomenon has grown over the months and now the entire family talks about these two clubs like we've been there and they are just down the street.  We are all familiar with what is in each club and the boys are pretty consistent with their stories. 

Haven's secret club is in the woods and he has a "Holy Mammoth" there that he can ride on.  The Holy Mammoth is so fast that Haven can get just about anywhere in a second's time.  He has tons of well behaved dogs and potato chips in his club and so it doesn't matter that we won't buy more dogs or that I don't buy potato chips because every night after I go to bed, he can just go to the club and have all he wants.

Hunter's secret club is in the desert and it is packed with illegal animals.  He has hundreds of cobras and reptiles of all sorts.  A few penguins live there despite the heat.  Oh, and there are wolves and coyotes and a couple of bears.  Ice cream is popular in the desert club, as well as potato chips and fruit snacks.

Any weird bragging stories that the boys tell usually take place at the secret club.  They aren't allowed to take each other to their clubs and they seem to be fine with that.  Every now and then their clubs get competitive, though.  Once I wouldn't allow any more computer time for Haven and he said, "That's fine.  My secret club has a computer and I can play on Starfall all I want there and no one tells me not to.  In fact, I HAVE to play it there.  It's the law and it's great!"  To this Hunter replied, "Well, my secret club has five computers!"  Then Haven's suddenly had 10 so Hunter's had one thousand hundred.  Stupidly, I asked, "Why would you need that many when you can only use one at a time?" That's when I learned that all of the exotic animals like to play computer games too, so naturally one thousand hundred laptops are a necessity.

I enjoy hearing about the clubs each time some injustice befalls the boys or they are denied basic human rights like juice boxes at the store or ice cream for dinner.  Sometimes I just want to say no to hear more about their secret clubs :)  Sure it's a little bit defiant, but I can handle imaginary clubs in the woods better than a screaming kid in the grocery store line!


  1. I love it! Creative defiance!

  2. Leanna, I think you've just coined a new term. Creative defiance...I like it!


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