June 19, 2012

Making Summer Snails

I found this tutorial for making summer snails and we had to try it.  The only problem was that we don't own a knitting spool and the last thing I want is another craft item sitting around that only gets used once in a blue moon, so we did it with finger knitting.  The result was a bit less tidy, but they didn't seem to mind one bit.  And they were all out of wooden balls at the store, so we went with clear "gem stone" beads.  They weren't as big as I would have liked, but everything clear and colored has a certain magical appeal. The kids are enchanted with their new little friends and everyone's out having an adventure with theirs as I type this entry!

We started with finger knitting our snail bodies.  It's been many a month since last we finger knitted, so the boys had a bit of trouble getting the hang of it.

Haven was frustrated with the weaving part, so Hannah Jane helped him weave and then he would drop the loops over. How sweet is that?

I was so proud of Hunter.  This is the kind of thing he usually quite half way through, but he stuck with it and decided that we should finger knit some sunglasses next time!

Once they were done, we took them outside to meet the world!
Haven's snail friend liked him even better than flowers!

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