June 12, 2012

Solstice Inspired Crafting!

Summer Solstice is right around the corner!  I'm not sure why we've adopted solstice celebrations other than the fact that the world needs more celebrations.  Right?  And we have another family of friends who usually celebrates with us and are equally into celebrations of all kinds.  But we've pretty much stuck to Winter Solstice thus far.  Their family invited us to do Summer Solstice at their house a couple of years ago, but we were out of town so we missed it.  The story goes that they invited their actually pagan sister-in-law to lead them in a traditionally pagan observance.  They tell me it was long, boring, and the kids were all crying and begging to just eat the cookies already!  Ha!  The very picture of this adorable Mormon family deciding to indulge in a little pagan fun and being bored out of their minds gives me a hearty laugh.  Turns out that lay celebrations are much better!

Anyway, we're going to give Summer Solstice a bit more attention this year.  Why not seize the opportunity to make more cute, summer inspired crafts and get our nature on? 

We started by making some cute tea light holders inspired by this post.  It was interesting to watch how each of the kids' personalities really came our during the blanket stitching process and the decorating.

Haven started his first because he has less school work to do than everyone else.  I was pretty impressed with his ability to blanket stitch. 
This is mine, just to show you the process.  Sandwich an orange circle between two slightly larger yellow circles, blanket stitch around the edges, cut a star into the center and then pin back the points with sequin or beads.
Hannah Jane went sequin nuts.  In fact, she's still not sure she's done today because there are still sequin left.  She's a sparkle lover!
Hunter took FOREVER on his math, so he was the last to get started and he cried through the last few minutes of math saying, "I'm never going to get to do that sewing thing."  So he was way happy when he got to start.  But true to form, he did perfect blanket stitches for the first half, and then the last half, he was clearly over it and things got crazy sloppy. 
Haven didn't want to do a pattern of colors.  He said, "I need ALL of the colors all the time.  You know that!"
Hunter did each point and then one extra sequin.  He wanted more than the minimum, but he didn't want to be tacky!  Haha!
Here they are!  Ready for our Solstice lunch table!  I'll let you guess whose is whose :)

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