July 19, 2012

A Little Rant

I'm feeling like I must be dreaming, or in an episode of the Twilight Zone, or maybe karma is getting even with me for some past life transgression.  One thing is clear...the home maintenance world is conspiring against me and I'm about to snap.  It's the microwave repair guy, the roofer, AND the window guy.  It's like these people don't want to take my money.  I don't get it.  All of this after the first 2 contractors I called for the kitchen remodel refused to meet with me unless Joe was home because, "You know.  He makes the money so my satisfaction guarantee is with him.  I can't guarantee his satisfaction if you're the only one I ever talk to, right?"  Yes, he does make the money, and he's too busy out making that money to take time off just so he can be the one to unlock the door for you to give a quote since his wife has a key to the house as well.  *chest pains just retyping that sexist, gut wrenching interaction*

Well, we finally did the kitchen remodel a few months ago and when we did, we bought a hanging microwave to free up our new, beautiful counter space.  The first one we brought home was all dented, so we returned it to Home Depot and brought a new one home, which was undented and shiny and new, so we paid our handy man $100 to rewire the wall and hang it up.  That evening I went to make tea and after warming a cup of water for 4 minutes, finally accepted that this microwave doesn't actually make heat.  

Called Magic Chef   and politely explained that I would totally return it to the store and wash my hand of their entire brand for life, except that I had paid someone to install it and little ole me couldn't possibly take it down myself, nor was I willing to pay someone to get it down and put it back up, so obviously they were going to have to send someone out to get it and fix it.  

They called Darrell's Appliance, who has a reputation of being the very best appliance repair place in the valley.  Darrell's comes and takes it.  Then they call and tell me the part they need is on back order.  Fast forward a month and a half.  Still on back order.  After 2 months, they call me and tell me to come pick it up.  Um, no.  Again, little ole me couldn't possibly hang it back up there and Magic Chef is totally going to pay for you to bring it back.  Darrell's says Magic Chef isn't paying.  I tell Darrell's to await a call from Magic Chef because they really will pay.  

I call Magic Chef and some guy named Lewis informs me that Darrell's didn't have authorization to remove the microwave from my home, and therefore Darrell's has to either prove they were given authorization or pay themselves.  About 5 more days pass as Darrell's and Magic Chef duke it out over who has to pay for what.  Every day Lewis calls (his voice makes it easy to imagine that I'm on the phone with Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air ) to inform me of his  upper hand in the fight to save my microwave (is this sounding like a made for tv drama yet?  Because it feels like one).  

Finally Darrell himself brings my microwave and hangs it up.  The next day a customer service survey from Darrell's arrives in the mail.  I don't fill it out.

I go to make water for tea again and guess what!  No turn table.  I call back and leave a message.  Jim, who took it in the first place calls to assure me that he never ever ever takes turntables from the home because they are so easy to break.  I assure him that there is no turn table here.  After days of looking, Jim asks if he can come measure to order me a new turn table, but while he's in my driveway, magically finds mine under the seat of his work van.  He blushes when he hands it over.  We part ways, both a little grateful that we'll never have to see each other again.

I go to make water for tea again.  Guess what!  No heat.  Seriously!  Up until now, I've blamed Magic Chef for selling broken goods, but now I'm beginning to blame Jim for misdiagnosing that problem that left us waiting on a back ordered part for 2 months.  But we all make mistakes, so I'm still being very, very kind.  Jim comes back to our house on a Saturday evening and guess what.  He forgot to bring the tools he needs so he has to take my microwave back.  Promises to call me on Monday.  Today is Thursday and he hasn't called so I just called him and his secretary tells me it's not done and he's not available to talk.  I informed her that I'm not available to wait any longer for water for my tea.  I"m tired of being nice and he's fired just as soon as I get my microwave back so I can call Magic Chef and tell them that I demand my money back.  Gaaarrrrr!!!!

The microwave saga alone would be enough to send me over the edge, but then there's the roof and the window.  I called and had roofers come give estimates because our tree guy told us that our roof needed immediate attention after he came down from cutting some diseased limbs from our little grove of aspen.  We chose a roofer, called and said we picked him, and he left me a voice mail saying he'd get to our house in 4 weeks.  Six weeks has passed and he's not called, so I called to make sure we didn't slip through the cracks and 3 voice mails later, I still haven't heard from him.  His quote was about a thousand dollars lower than everyone else's so we really want him, but it seems he doesn't need our business.  

And finally, there's the window guy who has made 3 appointments now to come give us an estimate to replace the front living room window that's mysteriously broken (house settling, maybe?) and has failed to show up or call for the first two.  I'll know in a few hours if he'll fail to come the third time.  

So please, someone explain to me how it is that their industry has supposedly been hit so hard by the recession and I still can't get a single person to get the work done?  Where are the men who are just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring so that they can put food on the table?  I read about them in the paper, but I can't find them in the phone book.  Everyone in the phone book is either drowning in business and can't be bothered, or only deals with men, or, I don't know, busy clipping their toenails?  And I know this post makes me sound hard to work with and maybe you're thinking that I've scared everyone away, but seriously, I've been so nice.  Too nice.  It's like they really don't want the business!  

Okay...I feel better.  A little.  But I still have a bad roof, a broken window, and a big ugly space where my microwave should be.  I need a tranquilizer!  


  1. That is an unbelievable story and it is real so I am really sad that you have to go through all this. You would think people would be waiting in line to fix your home! Come on! I hope you get everything fixed soon.

  2. Becky, I didn't know you had a blog until I sat down to figure out who the beckster was! Love it! And yeah...I'm annoyed with the repair business. I'm sure I'll feel better in a month or 2 when either it's finally done or I've just leveled the whole house and started from scratch! Haha!

  3. Better Business Bureau!? Angieslist.com! Local.yahoo.com! Review all of them wherever you can. Might feel better after that, heh. But not as good as if they had actually kept their end of the bargain and provided a minimum amount of customer service. So sorry.

  4. Good advice, Sally. I always want to be the kind of woman who follows through with a bad review or a letter to management about my disappointment, but alas, I usually only remember to follow through when I love the company. Maybe this time I'll be mad enough to do it.


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