July 20, 2012

charts and organizers and bios

My brain went function went entirely to 2 things today.  Writing a bio for my editor and searching out and designing graphic organizers and anchor charts for language arts lessons.  I told my editor I could just crank out a bio in a day or two, but when I sat down to type it, nothing at all sounded right.  I hate writing about myself.  Ick!  But it must be done.  Graphic organizers were way more fun to work on!

Look at those boys up there working away.  Love it!  I did a lesson for all three kiddos today on story building and story arc.  I designed some graphic organizers for them to fill out as we read Polar Bear and the Rainbow.  Then they retold the story with just their organizer notes.  We're going to revisit today's topic on Monday and see if the charts and organizers help with retention at all.  If they were magic like I think they were, I'll post the lesson and a printable organizer to go with it.  The kids really seemed to enjoy it, but enjoyment doesn't always equal retention.

Oh, and one more thing, completely off topic...

I finally got around to painting my very own knock off of this painting I found on etsy.  I adore those words, but I just can't bring myself to buy something that looks home made.  Might as well have the joy of making it myself.  It's now hanging right beside my side of the bed.  It's the first thing I see when I wake up and I think that the thought is a pretty decent way to kick off a day.

Enjoy your weekend!  Go do something wild and precious!

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