July 16, 2012

Chess on a Rainy Evening

It was a lazy, kind of sluggish day here.  We are all dealing with a bit of a summer head cold that just won't go away, the weather was muggy and hot, and our moods were a bit muggy too. Only the minimum got done and even that was done with a bit of a pout from the shorties.

But then in the late afternoon the wind  began to kick up and the dark clouds rolled in.  We opened the windows to let in the bursts of cool, damp air and giggled as the curtains bellowed out into giant puffs in the living room.  The kids threw out their arms to bask in the fresh, fall-like air and for a moment we all felt revived.  I put a pot of quinoa chili on the stove for dinner and the smell of chili coupled with  rain made for the perfect feeling of home.

We couldn't go to family swim night with the head colds and the storm, so we decided on family game night. There was Jumping Monkeys on the floor and Guess Who on the couch with our George Winston Pandora station on in the background.  It was perfectly peaceful.  Then, one by one, the kids each asked for a round of chess.  Hannah Jane has a basic chess understanding of the game, but the boys have never given it a thought. It was a magic hour watching them cozy up with the chess board on the first cool evening in months.  Magic.

Now they are tucked into bed and Joe and I just might snuggle up with some peanut-butter chocolate vegan ice cream and play a game of chess ourselves.  I love stormy nights!

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