July 12, 2012

New Book Delivery!

The day that the new school year's books arrive in the mail is like Christmas part 2 over here.  Today was a little wonky because Hunter was left out.  He started with his online school half way through the year last year when we pulled him out of his public school speech, so he just now finished his year's curriculum and they haven't gotten his new books ordered yet.  Hopefully they'll come in the next few weeks and we'll have Christmas part 3!  But today was a big day for Hannah Jane and Haven.  Really big for Haven.  He's been waiting for a few years now to have a giant K-12 company box delivered to the house with his name on it and today it finally happened.

He wasted no time grabbing a sharp pencil to stab through the shipping tape of his first box.

He was so excited to find all of his favorite books back at home!  Just a few days ago we packaged up all of Hunter's first grade materials and mailed them back to K-12, which left Haven crying.  He loves Little Bear and really loves Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.  So when he opened the box with his name on it and found his very own "to borrow for a year" copies of all of those fun books, he was giddy with delight.  Seriously, giddy.

By the time he started ripping into his math box, it was clear that this stuff wasn't all going to fit into the school room unless we did some serious rearranging.  I dragged his desk over under the window ledge along side Hunter and Hannah Jane's desks.  Just weeks ago I had moved him across the room because he was always distracting them from their work.  But now that he has big kid work of his own, I think he'll be safe to put in a row with the other two.  Being on that side of the room made it an even bigger day.  And ya know what?  When he did his first book work over there, he was super quiet and serious looking.  It was adorable.

That's my girl hugging her boxes.  She slowly ran her hands across them and caressed each one.  She's totally my daughter.  There's something about the smell of new text books, freshly sharpened pencils, Elmer's glue...I digress.  My point is just that she has my neurotic obsession with the school stuff and this picture proves it.

The show went on like that for about an hour as I quickly ran around the room trying to figure out where everything was going to go, pulling out old curricula and making a to-sell box.  I've got 3 years of Saxon math and a year of Singapore along with all kinds of other stuff (mostly math.  What is it with me and math?) to go on the block next week.  And while I can't stand it when bloggers post pictures of their messes, I can't resist this one.  It was just such a glorious mess of shipping boxes and school stuff literally flowing down the hallway as we tossed boxes out of the room to make space for the major organizational movement taking place.

Look at that!  Curtains came off the windows, teacher's manuals went in crates (I never use those things!)  and student workbooks went up on the ledge above the desks, calendars and weather charts went up, colored pencils were organized and all was well with the school room!  It was an epic event!  And believe it or not, it's completely clean down there now.  I know.  Shocking.  What's that?  You want photographic proof?  Well, I neglected to take the tidy picture and it's all dark now, so I'll save that for another day.  Maybe when Hunter's books arrive!

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