July 21, 2012

To Tie a Shoe

We have this tricky little shoe problem.  His name is Haven.  :)  Seriously, Haven has a myriad of issues with shoes.  He loses them, the wears right through them, and the biggest problem?  He over-tightens them until the little velcro straps are all stretched out and wagging off to the side when he runs.  I don't know why, but he wants everything to be super tight and he's destroying his little velcro  monster truck shoes in an effort to cut off the circulation to his little toes.

Needless to say, it's time for a change.  If we got him lace up shoes, he could tighten the heck out of them and only the laces would wear out.  It's a lot cheaper to buy new laces than new shoes, so I'm getting him ready for the transition.  But I don't want to buy the shoes until I know he can tie them.  I mean, what if his pudgy little fingers just can't handle it yet?  At the rate that he grows, he could outgrow new lace up shoes before he ever learns to tie them.  At least that was my worry.

So I came up with this handy little teaching tool and within 20 minutes he was tying laces!!!  Looks like when his monster truck shoes finally give way, he'll be ready for some big boy shoes!  Maybe some cool skater shoes that are thick on the bottom, because that would take care of our other boy related shoe problem.

Anyway, here's the tool that I made!

I ripped the cardboard back off of a tablet of construction paper and cut a 2 1/2 inch wide strip off the bottom.  Then I punched 2 holes in each edge.  I laced up the two holes and he slipped it around his foot like a shoe and got busy.

This seems like a better tool than just tying a bow on some other object because his body is in the same hunkered over posture that it would be in if he were tying a shoe.  I can tie my shoes, but tying a bow on a package?  I can do it, but it's much trickier because the tension is all different.  It's just not the same skill.  So I wanted him to have the same experience as the shoe without actually buying the shoes.  And why not just give him my shoe to practice on?  Well, he's known for losing shoes, for one thing.  Plus, this is his own little thing he can carry around and practice on as long as he likes and if he loses it, I'm out like 10 cents for the lace!  No biggie!

His older bro, Hunter, hasn't learned how to tie laces yet, but there is just less of a lace tying need these days than there once was.  There are even velcro shoes for grown men - as ridiculous as that would look - and so far the styles of the lace up shoes haven't appealed to Hunter as much as the velcro shoes.  I mean, there's no red light flashing triceratops shoe that laces up.  It's all about the velcro.  But maybe having little bro able to do something he can't will motivate him to give it a try.  If it does, I'm totally making him his own lace tying tool!

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