August 31, 2012

Ahhh...the end of summer

 Summer is coming to a close and with fall right around the corner, I'm wondering which I love more.  Fall?  Or anticipating fall?  It's hard to say.  I love everything about fall.  On the off chance that it's anticipating fall that is so wonderful, here's my little tribute to the ending of summer and all of the wonderful homey things about this time of year.

We've tried for 3 years running to grow a watermelon.  This was our year.  A single melon survived and we had to move a dog out to the garden over night every night to keep the skunk or whatever got into the watermelon patch from eating it.  It was worth it.

Technically the melon was Haven's baby.  Literally, his Sugar Baby that he chose the seeds for and checked on 3 times per day for the entire summer.

Harvesting the red corn is Hannah Jane's favorite thing to do.  She filled this basket with corn, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers and then left it sitting in the middle of the sunroom floor for days so we would all just have to admire her crop.

Best corn ever.  We eat it right off the stalk.  No cooking.  Just crispy, juicy, red corn goodness!  Red corn makes all the garden work worth it.

Hunter's favorite thing about this time of year is the "grape tree."  A wild grape vine that grows way, way up into the tops of a pine tree behind the playhouse.  They are super sweet and in seemingly endless supply this time of year.

It's the time for marshmallow roasting with friends in the fit bowl.

And then biking through the smoke that builds up in the hollow of our yard.  

The kids had their back to school classroom event for their online public school classes.  This was some game where they have a cup of water and they had to pour it over their heads into the person behind them's cup without being able to see where that is.  I think the team with the most water in the cup when it got to the back person was the winner.  But I'm not positive because I was busy having mommy social hour, which was luxurious.

And this, dear friends, may have been the very last popsicle of summer 2012.  The end of a season of sunshine and freedom.  And as I type this, there are already some clouds in the sky and a chill in the breeze.  Soon, cocoa will take the place of popsicles and snuggles during documentaries will trump flinging around on the trampoline.

Ahh...thank you summer.  It's been a good one!

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