August 24, 2012

Picasso Rip Off

Before our travels, we spent a couple of weeks looking at Picasso's art and more specifically, we focused on his cubism.  One of the books we looked at said that cubism was supposed to show the subject from several different angles in one piece.  I will admit that when I look at works classified ascubism, I only see that definition holding up about half the time, so there must be a better definition.  Like maybe this wordier definition: A nonobjective school of painting and sculpture developed in Paris in the early 20th century, characterized by the reduction and fragmentation of natural forms into abstract, often geometric structures usually rendered as a set of discrete planes. But who is going to say that to a kid?  Not me.  Anyway, this picture was our focus for the day simply because it did in in fact show the woman from different directions all in one painting.

To make our own rip off Picassos, we bought a bunch of magazines for 10 cents a pop at the thrift store and went to work creating a new face on our paper that was made up of a bunch of the right "person parts" from different pictures.

Finding the right sized people parts was the hardest part of this activity.  Initially, there was some bickering over claims laid to eyeballs and ears, but soon, when the kids would find an especially good, large face, they'd say, "I'm only using the left eye.  Anyone else need a right eye?  And her mouth is in good shape too!" Most of the frustration was before we explained to Haven that he could cut out just the nose without cutting through all of the other parts so that someone else could use them.

After we glued all of the people parts in place, we decorated with markers and crayons.  We also titled our pieces, because, as Hannah Jane says, "Anything is art if you give it a title!"  This attitude has resulted in many random piles of apparent trash being given titles and no longer being allowed to be thrown away.  Yeah...that got old fast.  That girl would have loved my college art professor who was obsessed with performance art that no one really appreciated.  But moving on...

So, working clockwise from the top left, there's my piece, Dream Woman Bionic, Hannah Jane's piece, the Egyptian Conniption, below that is Haven's piece, the Cra's'y Woman, and finally Hunter's piece, the Crosses Hero.  This was fun and easy and now they seem to identify with Picasso in a more personal way.  When they see something ridiculous, they whisper, "Picasso would have liked that!"  

Up next?  I'm thinking pointillism.  Stay tuned   


  1. How fun! This was perfect timing too. I let the kids watch "Toy Story" the other day, and Peter was confused when Mr. Potato Head had all of his body parts in the wrong slots, and told the Piggie Bank that he was Picasso. When the pig didn't get it, he called him "uncultured swine". So we talked about who Picasso was. Amazing that even a silly movie can be a springboard like that when you have the right attitude about learning. Anyway, I think we may just copy you and do this activity ourselves. :)

  2. I totally forgot about that part in the movie! I'll have to see if I can find that clip on YouTube to show the kids so they can be part of the joke now too! Haha!


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