August 27, 2012

School Pictures!

It's that time of year again!  Today we took our annual school pictures in the photo booth at the mall.  This has become one of our favorite traditions because, let's face it.  Photo booths are just more fun than the school picture guy who says, "Say pickles!" and cracks himself up before choosing your weirdest shot for the one to send home to mom.  Not that we have a school picture guy.  Wait.  That's not true.  There actually is a photographer in town that has gone after the we homeschool but we still want school pictures market.  And while I'm sure he's fantastic and probably knows how uncool the whole say pickles thing is and has thus found something better to say, photo booths are still cooler.  And just 3 bucks a pop with a tear off copy for Dad to take to work.  So here they are!

Wait.  First let's have a gander at last year's pictures, just to see how far we've come.

Got that in your mind?  Now for the one year later picture.  It's weird how little they've actually grown, but how much their personalities have blossomed!

The agreed order of operations:  Happy, silly, sweet, with mom.

Hannah Jane, sporting her more grown up short hair.  She came up with the sunglasses and peace sign thing all on her own.  And then her 3rd pose was with Groover, the hippo that Joe bought her before she was born.  Melts my heart how much she still loves that thing.  Pretty sure she just brought it to butter me up for getting her ears pierced.  It did not work.

Hunter, once again looking a little bewildered by the whole process in the first picture, crazy face with his pig in the second, and then sweet with his pig.  He insisted that Piggie be in at least 2 of the pictures or he wasn't going to be photographed this year.  Somehow, Piggie managed three.

And then there's Haven.  Haven with his favorite hat that he got for Ayyam-i-Ha, then sideways for crazy picture  then totally backwards with peace fingers.  To him, sweet means being peaceful and peaceful obviously means flashing the peace sign.  Right?

Apparently there's an unspoken rule that I have to look stoned in at least one picture each year.  Let me explain why.  You see, this booth makes the click sound before it actually takes the picture.  So it clicks and I start to get up, resulting in a lazy eye, mid motion look.  Not flattering.  But after Haven's round, I knew it was coming and held my smile for longer than necessary on the next 2.  Last year Hunter demanded to go first, so he got the stoned-looking mom photo.  This year Haven was most demanding (must be something about being 5) so he got it.  I promise, the only substance I had consumed prior to the snapping of that photo was a vegan spice muffin.  Honest.  It's that darn premature clicking noise.  Get's me every year.  Maybe next year I will be smart enough to read my old post before we go and I'll be ready!

So there you have it.  Another round of the best school pictures ever!  And we don't even have to pressure grandmas to buy one.  They can just click and print.  Ain't that amazing, Grandma?!?!  Haha!  Here's to another great school year!

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