August 3, 2012

Virtues Classes

So, I really was going to post after pictures of the kitchen, but we're heading out of town in literally maybe 20 minutes and it still hasn't happened.  The house sitter is on her way as I type.  Maybe I'll post them from the road.  They're in my camera and it's all packed up already.  But I do have a video to share!

For the last 5 weeks or so I've been teaching a Baha'i inspired virtues class to the kids and some of their friends.  We made art, memorized some short quotes, learned how to look for the important things in other people, and had a lot of fun playing games.  Last night was their end of the summer art festival.  I reserved a room at the public library and parents and grandparents, as well as some of the local Baha'is all came out to listen to the littles talk about what they learned.  It was adorable!  Here's the video I had playing as people arrived of the kids and all of the things we did in our short time together.

My kids had so much fun having a children's class again, that they begged me to keep doing it.  Our schedule gets crazy during the school year and I've taken on a few more responsibilities than last year, but I agreed to a monthly meeting.  2 hours, once a month...I think I can manage that.  And while I had been feeling like maybe the kids weren't getting all that much out of it, last night they showed me I was wrong.  One kid who had all but exasperated me during our classes (if you've taken Ruhi 3, you know the drill of "No child is incorrigible?"  Yeah, I made that my mantra for that hour each week and still felt more than a little aggravated)  kind of melted my heart and made me reconsider my reluctance to go on with the class.  She taught me a little something about myself last night.  Made me feel like maybe this virtues business is really getting through to some of them.

So on we go!  Monthly meetings to talk about the important things in life.  I'm really excited about the prospect of continuing to work with this group.  There are some old souls in those little bodies and kids today rarely get enough chances to talk about thing with real meaning.  I'm looking forward to seeing what they teach me next!

Be back in a couple of weeks with lots of stories to tell about visits with old friends, trips to the ocean, and Badasht Baha'i summer school!

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