September 2, 2012

A Sunday Well Spent

On a whim, we decided to drive out to Bear Lake today.  Being Labor Day weekend, it seemed certain to be overcrowded, but we figured we'd get out there with everyone else and splash around.  We found a new stretch of beach on the Idaho side of the lake and - I can't believe I'm actually saying this - the Idaho side was way prettier.  North Side Beach was well worth the fee.  It was crazy how far out the kids could go without ever getting too deep.  Perfect place for kids.

This picture depresses me because Miss Hannah Jane looks entirely too grown up and centered.  I'm pretty close to forbidding her from growing any more.

Haven actually used his new swimming skills and went under quite often.  He is, to date, the only kid in the family willing to put his face in natural water.  The kid knows how to live it up!

There's my joyful little Roo, happier and happier these days.  He's really let loose over the past couple of weeks.  It's been great to see him allowing himself to have some fun.

There's Roo, in my sunglasses and his sister's hand-me-down pink booster seat, hogging the corn chips.  I couldn't resist.  Funny little guy!

We found this cool spot with a little stream that we could skip across.  It was quite the adventure finding ways to get across without stepping in the water.

And then there was this tree.  Apparently this tree is called the "mail tree" and it served as a mail drop over a hundred years ago.  It's in the middle of nowhere just past the Utah/Idaho line off a random road on the way to Bear Lake.  There's still nothing around there, so it blows my mind that  there was ever enough mail here to make it worth finding this tree to pick up a mail bag.

And, there's a geocache inside.  We never did get around to figuring out the whole geocaching thing, but we just happened across this one.  The stuff inside was pretty gross, though, so we left it alone.

And then we tried mountain biking for the first time as a family.  It started off okay.  Then Hannah Jane said she wanted to try just going downhill, so Joe was following behind us in the truck.  Eventually Hannah Jane and Hunter got too far ahead of us because Haven kept falling off and crashing.  So Haven got in the truck with Joe and I caught up with the other two.  Then Hannah Jane scraped her leg and got in the truck too, leaving just Hunter and I to finish off the downhill.  It was a decent first run on a non-paved surface as a family.

It was a fabulous day and now I'm ready to fall fast asleep!  So, goodnight world!  And don't forget, after tomorrow, no more white shoes for the Southern Gals!

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