September 13, 2012

Temple Tour with Culture Clubbers

3 of the Culture Club Families field tripping to the Brigham City Temple. Our family is the far right!
LDS (Mormon) temples, normally closed to non-members like us, are actually open to the public before they are dedicated to God and anyone can go through and see all of the different rooms and spaces and read the signs telling guests what the areas are used for.  So yesterday, our friends who host Culture Club, and who are LDS, invited some of the Culture Club kids to drive to Brigham City and tour the new temple with their family before it gets dedicated.  Such a fun day!  Mostly fun because we can always use a good excused to hang out with 2 of our favorite families, but also fun because the LDS temples seem so off limits and secretive that getting to go inside one seems almost scandalous!  LOL!

You're not allowed to take photographs inside so I've got nothing to show for that, but if you're interested in seeing the inside, you can actually take a virtual tour here.  I had done the virtual tour thing before, but going in was quite a different experience.

Hannah Jane and one of her besties on the shady side.  Hannah Jane called this picture the Baha'i and the Agnostic at the Mormon Temple.  Haha!
 The other non-member momma and I had a ball admiring the decorating choices and joking about creating a blog dedicated to redecorating your house like a Mormon temple.  Everything was sparkly and new.  Tons of chandeliers, gold trim on everything, marble steps and counter tops.  It was pretty spiffy.

Things that surprised our group?  It wasn't nearly as white as we all thought it would be.  The color scheme was cream color and a tranquil blue/green.  There were plenty of pictures in the stairwells and hallways of things seemingly unrelated to religion, like 2 paintings I noticed of women picking apples.  Maybe that's a Mormon thing I don't understand, or maybe they just like pretty pictures and it doesn't have to do with Christ to make the temple cut.  And it seemed more corporate in a upscale and fancy way than religious to me, but Joe reminded me that it's a place for work and not just worship and reverence like most other religious structures, so that would make sense.  In my mind I was envisioning the giant cathedral style rooms, but in white. Oops!
My kiddos in front of the Brigham City Temple.  Boys in ties!!!!  Love it!
When it was done, there were refreshments, which was, of course, the kids' favorite part.  Giant cookies and bottles of water with labels with the temple on it and the name of their church.  Hannah Jane and I called it Jesus Water.  

Afterwards, we all picnicked in the park.  The mommas got to have a lovely chat about religion, motherhood, and other random momma things.  Hunter found a ton of dead crawdads and brought them home, the other kids frolicked and squealed.  Overall, the tone of the day was lovely and love filled.  Such a great time with some of the dearest friends you could ask for!  


  1. You know what would be a fun CC field trip with you guys? (A little far away... but) The Hare Krishna temple in American Fork! Glad you had a nice time. It is a beautiful building. And you're a good-looking group!

  2. Sally, it has been my heart's desire to go there for the Holi Festival, but something has come up every single year to keep us from going.

  3. How cool! Years ago I got to visit some of the LDS buildings open to the public in Salt Lake City, and it was such a great experience.


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