October 14, 2012

A Better Way to Make Crayon-Melt Pumpkins

I'm pretty sure that if you have a pulse and an internet connection, you've seen this pumpkin.  And if you have a Pinterest account, you've no doubt pinned it because it looks like a must for fall!  Right?

Well today we decided to give it a go.  I got out the supplies for the kids and we peeled and broke crayons and got ready for the magic.  I thought I'd do one for them, to demonstrate the technique.  Yeah...it took FOREVER to melt those crayons with a hair dryer.  FOREVER!  And colored wax was flying everywhere!  No matter how you aim it, that wax is going to fly!  After I did mine, I sent the kids outside to do theirs so that I didn't end up with an amazing technicolor dream kitchen.

Hunter did it for about 2 minutes and then he was completely over it.

Haven actually stuck it out and did his all the way!  But he did have crayon wax all over his face and clothes when he was done.

No comments about my dirty oven!

The girls were not dying to spend their last few precious remaining minutes of play time blow drying a pumpkin, no matter how cute it promised to be.  So I had this idea.  What about the oven?  I set it to broil on high, placed their pumpkins on a wax paper lined cookie sheet, and slid them in on the top rack right up near those broiler flames.  This worked just as well and you could actually sit there and watch the colors drop and blend with the oven door cracked.  With the dryer, you're just trying not to get hot wax in anyone's eye and you can't really stop and enjoy the magic of it.  I'm telling you, friends.  Broiling is the way to go.

And in case you're still not sold, with the dryer the colors can get pushed into each other quite easily, so a section of my pumpkin was just a mucky brown.  You have to be pretty careful if you want to end up with a multicolored pumpkin.  The odds are good you'll end up with something the color of 8 cans of play dough mixed together.

This is all of them.  3 blow dried pumpkins and 2 broiled ones.  Can you tell the difference?

A warning, though.  The pumpkins from the oven stayed crazy hot for a long time.  When Eva's dad arrived to pick her up, her pumpkins was still quite toasty and it had been a good long while since they broiled them.  Long enough for them to hold a funeral for a bird that the cats killed and return a lost lap dog to its owner.  So, set it out of the reach of children if you go the broiler route.

Aren't they pretty, though?  Happy Fall!!!

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