October 15, 2012

Book Progress!

My upcoming book, Home Field Advantage, is in the final stages.  If you are considering homeschooling, or are new to the game, this book was written for you!  It breaks down the basics of the major styles of schooling and how you can adapt them for the home, as well as many good-to-know theories from the education world that will help you individualize your lessons for your unique kiddos.

While we were aiming for a November release date, I had a little e-mail exchange with my publisher this morning and it looks like we're going to be pushing it back to January so that we have a good amount of time for beta readers to give us feedback and so that the cover can get the attention it needs.  So stay tuned and I'll let you know as soon as you can grab a copy!

Man!  Choosing a cover image has been perhaps the hardest part.  We've narrowed it down to two images and I guess we'll toy with those until there's a clear winner.  And on the bright side, now I have the adorable left over images to share.  The kiddos rarely look this spiffied up, so it's fun to have a few nice pictures of them looking their best!  Here's my favorite reject images.

They're all doing their favorite smarty-pants activities here.  Hannah Jane and Haven love to play chess and Hunter would rather read the day away, so this just really captured them at this stage in life.  We learned the hard way, though, that playing chess over our new porcelain kitchen tile is a bad idea.  A bishop shattered on the tile :(  They generally play chess in the sun room on the chess table, and the bamboo floor is a little more forgiving.  Hopefully I can super glue the bishop back together.  We broke a rook when my dad was here and I was able to get it back together alright, but the bishop is in slightly worse shape.  Wish me luck!  

The other pictures were great as well, but I'm not going to share until the book cover has a clear winner.  You'll have to wait for the big reveal!

That's the latest book news!  I was a little bummed that it's not going to be out in November, but that would be a rush and December is a crazy time to get much of anything done.  January seems like the month that we all start looking to make positive changes in our lives, and homeschooling could be just the positive change my readers are looking to make.  So hopefully this will be the perfect release time!  I can't wait to hold my little book baby in my hands!  It's been years in the making and it is so energizing to know that it will be out in the world so soon!

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