October 19, 2012

Simple Sewing Solution

Last night we met up with our dear friends Ned and Gail to go to the North Logan Pumpkin walk.  What a fun evening we had!  Sadly, I forgot my camera, but luckily Ned had his, so eventually I'll probably get some pics of the evening.  Anyway, when we left the house it was warmish and everyone was happy in their Halloween costumes, but by the time we got there, it was chilly.  By the time we left, we were officially meat popsicles.  Then what did we do?  We went with our friends for ice cream, of all things.

That chill sent me to the blogosphere to look up directions for cute little hand warmers that I had seen some time back when it was too warm to think much about actually making them. These are the most simple and brilliant thing!  Easy to make little bags of rice that you can nuke in the microwave for the kids to stick in their pockets on cold days, or store in the freezer for soothing ouchies!  So much better than those gel cold packs that always get a hole and then toxic goo leaks out or ice packs that sweat and leave a wet mess everywhere.

It just so happens that I had some adorable snowman print flannel on hand that I bought a foot of  when I saw a flannel clearance.  I bought it with just this project in mind, and I can't believe that I actually found it when I was ready to make these.  It's so unlike me to actually keep up with fabric for that long.  Snowmen seemed perfect for warming during snowy months or for freezing for ouchies.  And the little Rastafarian snowman just makes me smile!

I used this site's tutorial to make them.  I considered re-typing all of the directions here for you, but why?  Allison made an amazingly clear, so simple a monkey could do it, set of instructions, so go use hers.  I did make a couple of changes, though.  Instead of making mine small enough to fit in your hand and then filling them with rice, I started with 6x6 squares of fabric and then only filled them 1/3 full.  I did this so they'd be a little floppy so that the kids could maybe fold them over their chilly fingers, or make a warm nest for their hands in their pockets.  A small, hard bag of hot rice to hold just doesn't seem as inviting as a smooshy nest of warm rice.  But that's just me.  Plus, balancing it on your ouchie is easier if it's smooshy enough to drape.

I also added peppermint essential oils to the rice to that they smell lovely.  I always add oil to rice projects because rice holds the scent to nicely and it just adds a little extra something.  Peppermint might as well be the official scent of winter, as far as I'm concerned, so it's a nice thing to smell out in the chilly air.  And if you're wanting to cool off and ouchie, the smell of peppermint just smells like colder times.  Doesn't it?  So I imagine it to have a little placebo effect of cooling down the sore spot even faster.

Can't wait to slip these in pockets tomorrow night as we head back to the American West Heritage Center with friends for a fun fall evening a midst the corn and hay!  Quick!  Go make some before winter gets any closer!

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