November 2, 2012

Bringing back a November tradition

November is here!  This was the view through our front window on the first day of the month.  Corn stalks and pumpkins still sit on the landing, guarded by Captain Rex, the barn cat.  I love absolutely everything about this time of year!  Everything!

When we first lived far away from family, we started what we thought would be a life long November tradition of mailing construction paper feathers to family and having them write what they were thankful for on them and mailing them back.  We made a giant, naked turkey and hung it on the wall.  As feathers arrived back in the mail, we'd stick them to the turkey's rear and and watch him get bigger and prettier with every passing day.  The kids loved reading what friends and family near and far were thankful for that year. 

But when we did it for a second year, some people said, "Seriously?  Didn't we do this last year?  You mean you want us to do it again?"  Hmmm...someone doesn't know what a tradition is.  Anyway, by year 3 we had very few feathers returned and those we got were sent kind of grudgingly.  So we gave up.  So sad.

But as I was cleaning out the school room closet this week, I found a box of the old feathers.  By now, some of the family members who sent us feathers have passed away.  Having those feathers is like having a little bit of their Thanksgiving spirit here with us even though they're gone. 

Soooo...we're bringing it back!  But digital style. 

The kids have spent the morning painting a new Mr. Thankful Turkey to put on the door and I spent the morning making a digital feather template to e-mail to friends and family near and far.  I figure if no one actually has to go to the mailbox, maybe they'll appease us.  I sent out a digital feather that can be personalized and e-mailed back.  When we get them back, we'll print them, cut them out, and stick them on this turkey's bum. 

We're really hoping that the e-feathers will be a hit.  Can't wait to see Mr. Thankful Turkey back in full bloom on the dining room door and to read what loved ones are thankful for as we gather around the Thanksgiving table this year. 

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