November 21, 2012

Day of the Covenant and Thanksgiving Crafting

I finally finished my cupcake toppers for the Day of the Covenant celebration.  This year's are pretty stinking cute, if I do say so myself.  If you're up for some topper making, here is the basic file.  It's nothing much.  Most of the work goes into sizing the circles just right to fit the punch that I have and if I had thought to keep up with last year's file, I could have saved myself a headache! If you use the file, you'll want the 1.5 inch circle punch and 2 inch scalloped punch from Michael's or some other such craft store.  The real fun with these is the paper you use.  I love me some fancy paper!

Our program this year involves poetry about and to Abdul Baha, so ignore that Poetry in Motion one unless you're going to go that route with your program as well.

On a random note, I always feel tempted to shorten Day of the Covenant to DoC, but that makes me think of our LDS friends and their D and C (Doctrine and Covenants) and then I kind of laugh to myself and Hannah Jane asks what I'm laughing about and then I feel lame, so I pretend like I didn't hear the question so I don't have to tell her what a dork her mom is.  LOL!


This morning we made those little sugar cone cornucopias that are all over pinterest.  It was joyful chaos in the kitchen.  The kids each made 2 cornucopias to deliver to friends and I made 6 to save as table settings for tomorrow's feast!  Later on, we'll drive around and deliver them to friends.


We used our steamer, rolled the ends around a pencil, dipped the tops in white chocolate and then in ground walnuts.  We're filling them with golden raisins instead of M&Ms or other colorful candy because honestly, bright colored candy doesn't scream harvest time to me, but golden raisins do.

 In other news, the kids have been asking to make bird food decorations, so I saved that activity for them to have something special to do with Granny.  And ya know what?  Once the time arrived, they all thought it was the most frustrating craft ever (that popcorn really can be hard to poke a needle through without breaking it) and they quit almost immediately.  Total bummer.  Granny kept saying, "Those poor birds with nothin' to eat!" to guilt them into finishing, but it wasn't working.  Finally, I caved and said they could do it with just cranberries and they went back and added a little more.  So, that was a little disappointing.  What they want most to do is make those birdseed ornaments that we made for Solstice a couple of years ago, where you mix the gelatin and the seed and pour it into cookie cutters.  But I didn't get that when they said they wanted to make  the tree decorations for the birds again.  My brain went to popcorn and cranberry garlands since that's what I made when I was a kid.  Oh well.  We'll do that another day.

On another random note, with  my granny here, I've said y'all a total of 3 times and noticed and been appalled with myself each time.  It comes out naturally and then the sound of it hits me like a bass drum and I'm half pleased that I've still got it and half horrified.  Wonder what I'll say tomorrow?  And I just so happened to run across that video about stuff Southern women say, which I won't post here because it contains a fair share of bad words, but I was laughing out loud the entire time.  I could totally relate!  So funny to see that while my Granny is here and southern sounding phrases suddenly roll off my tongue with ease.

Well, I'd better be off!  I have book edits to finish and cornucopias to deliver!  Gobble, gobble!

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