November 16, 2012

New Handwriting!

It's been a week for the record books in the Christison house.  Haven finished his first ever school book - his Handwriting Without Tears workbook - and the very next day, Hunter finished his.  I guess maybe we weren't necessarily supposed to be doing two pages a day, but one page hardly seemed worth their time, as little as there was on each page.  Anyway, in celebration of Haven's milestone achievement and Hunter's sticking with it, we grabbed sundaes while we were out grocery shopping and then I set to work figuring out what we are going to do for handwriting now.

Handwriting is not a subject I care to spend much money on, and the workbooks that they finished were from their online public schooling and didn't cost us a dime.  Still, I always feel like maybe handwriting could be something more meaningful than just copying letters from random, meaningless sentences.  You know?  At some point, long ago, I made up a few handwriting pages based on Baha'i writings, but my computer crashed and I lost those files.  Total bummer.

So I spent the entire last few days pouring every free minute into making a new file of handwriting sheets for the boys out of quotes from the Arabic Hidden Words.  Then I printed a complete set and drew illustrations on them, went over those in marker, and then scanned them back into the computer.  I've noticed that the highlight of handwriting for the boys is always coloring the pictures, so the idea of handwriting without illustrations just wouldn't do.

This morning I finally scanned in the last of the documents.  I have exactly three school weeks of Arabic Hidden Words handwriting now.  And the boys are really excited about it.  In fact, while I was writing the day's grammar on the black board, I heard them reading the quote together as they peeked into my stack of things to do for the day.  There's something special about hearing children say those words.  Made me smile!!!


  1. Oh Skyla these are awesome! Any chance you'd be willing to email them to me?! :-D

  2. When I get them all properly formatted to share, I'm going to add them to a storefront that I've been planning. These and other Baha'i resources will be free, but they'll be there with the other resources for purchase. I'm kind of stockpiling things to add all at one grand reveal. I'll let you know when they're all formatted for sharing!


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