November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving and Day of the Covenant Celebrations

Well, the first half of holiday craziness is behind us!  We had Granny for 9 days of Thanksgiving mayhem and in that time we also hosted the Day of the Covenant.  Both went rather smoothly, thank goodness!

Granny was markedly older on this visit.  In visits past, we've readied ourselves for picking up someone on death's door step, and found a vibrant Granny commanding people around the airport instead.  This time, however, Granny seemed her age and it was kind of difficult to accept (for her and for us) that she's aging rather rapidly.  She's legally blind now, but doesn't want to be waited on, so she'd stand at the microwave pushing random buttons for several minutes before calling Hannah Jane over to help her.  We took her to Willard Bay to see the spectacular light display there, and looking for the bathroom, she almost wandered off into the woods alone.  When I ran over to give her my arm, she felt offended, declaring she could find it herself before eventually putting her arm in mine and griping about how she's used to being more independent than that.  So, that was sad and strange, to see fiercely independent and feisty Granny needy and angry about her neediness.

Still, we had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner.  Granny was here 2 Thanksgivings ago, and then last year, for whatever reason, she didn't come.  She had a lonely holiday and so did we, so we were happy to be together again for the occasion.  Since it was just the 6 of us, I wasn't planning anything big, but Granny said it was special because we were together and, by golly, we were going to do it all!  So she made me this shopping list longer than Methuselah's beard and handed me her credit card and sent me off to buy all manner of holiday food that I hadn't intended to make.  It was ridiculous how much food we had in the fridge!  The kids all helped.  They each had a turn at the food processor, Hannah Jane single handedly made 2 sweet potato souffles, Haven folded the napkins all fancy and put the napkin rings on them, Hunter chopped the onions in the Cuisinart.  It was a full family affair to make Granny the dinner that she desired and it was a lot of fun making it!  And we hung every last turkey feather on Mr. Thankful Turkey's rear end.

The meal was lovely.  Haven played Thanksgiving bandit, Hunter channeled Pa with his trademark hands behind the head dinner table recline, and we all felt stuffed beyond dignified measures when it was all said and done.  We pretty much grazed for the next 3 days, never really cooking or sitting down all at once to eat, but just reheating Thanksgiving food one plate at a time as the need arose.  It was like we were living in a Tryptophan haze for the better part of a week.

The next day we decorated our Christmas tree.  This is probably too shameful to share, but I'm going to anyway.  Hannah Jane had an angel tree topper that she just loved and it broke during our last move so we took her to Hobby Lobby and let her pick out any angel she wanted a few years ago.  Joe also used to have his very own white Christmas tree all decked out in blue ornaments, but this year he decided to pass on tacky white tree (which now resides all broken up in the guest bathroom downstairs).  So this year, we had two angels to choose from .  Hannah Jane put it to a vote: black angel or white angel?  I know!  How tacky is that?  Black angel won by a landslide vote.  Only Haven voted for white angel and said it was because "she looks like Taylor Swift."

Finally, it was Day of the Covenant!!!  This year I made a Jeopardy style quiz show game for us to play after the more spiritual portion of the evening.  It had the sounds from Deal or No Deal, with applause and thinking music.  Hannah Jane was the score keeper and she and I did a little choreographed dance during the theme song.  It was obnoxious and fun!  Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we all laughed our rear ends off and still managed to learn random factoids that we hadn't known before about Abdul Baha and the holy day itself.  I wish I had pics, but alas, I'm the photographer in these parts and I was occupied playing game show host and couldn't snap and pics.

But I did manage pictures of this year's cupcakes and of the Abdul Baha bunting that Hannah Jane and I stitched up for the occasion.  We already have a Day of the Covenant banner that is quite nice, so we decided to make the bunting with Abdul Baha's name on it so we could pull it out for other Abdul Baha related occasions and not just this one time each year.

In completely unrelated news, last time I logged on to post a blog, this particular post in fact, Google notified me that I have reached what I always thought was an impossible milestone.  I have actually run out of photo storage space with blogger (and thus google and picassa).  Who knew it could be that easy?  And while I was heart broken, I was also a little proud.  That's a lot of  blogging!  I've toyed with a few alternatives for photo storage, and what I've finally come up with, which seems to easy to be true, is to open a new facebook account solely for storing photos.  All of the photos in this post are fb-hosted.  I can't tell if they are lower quality because of fb, or because they all happened to be taken in my poorly lit dining room.  So I'll give this a go for a while and see how it feels and see if facebook catches me and calls this a no-no.  I have friends who have fb accounts for their dogs, so surely this isn't a violation.

I leave you now, with this little moment of Granny.  She's still got a little sass left in her!

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