November 5, 2012

Third Annual Mad Science Party

Today was our Mad Science Party!  Hannah Jane was bouncing off the walls from the moment she woke up.  She said, "This is like my favorite day of the year.  Well, first, the major holidays, then science day, then Disney Land.  I mean, this is BIG!"  So cute!  Before Joe left for work, the counters were already covered with protective sheets and sheep hearts lined the breakfast bar.

By 10, dry ice had been picked up for making our poor man's liquid nitrogen and cookies with little frosting brains filled our party platter.  The kids got their home made lab coats on and stood  by the door waiting for their friends to arrive and authorizing guests by checking them in and getting their fingerprints on the list of personnel.

This year's party was LOUD!  We had a few more bodies in the room, and the energy was just off the charts.  If felt a little hectic, but I still think everyone had a good time and hopefully learned at least one thing they didn't know before, or had forgotten from years past.

My big goal for the year was for the kids to understand how blood flows through the heart and what the different heart parts are.  I ditched the manual that came with the hearts and went with the AP biology exam prep.  It seemed a little more cut and dry and thorough.  I quizzed Hannah Jane after everyone left and I think she could pass the heart portion of the AP Biology exam if she took it right this second.  We'll see what she remembers in a week.

Hunter and Haven quit half way through the dissection to play with the younger siblings of some of the other kids, which totally bummed me out because they've been looking forward to this for months.  But now they're sad that they missed it and are begging me to walk them through it tonight when the house is quiet.  That makes me happy.

Now that another party is behind us, I guess it's time to start building up a list of cool science things to do for next year!  Every year it gets harder and harder to come up with new and novel things that will grab their interest, so I've got to start early.  It was such a fun day!  Thanks to all of the moms and Jr. scientists who participated!

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  1. We loved it! It's been a while since I've experienced that familiar formaldehyde smell. Thanks for the mad science fun!


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