December 29, 2012

Christmas Wrap-Up

It's been a while, but we have lots of happy moments to report on.

The first and happiest moment was when we got the phone call that Joe's mom had been diagnosed with strep throat.  Why is that happy?  Well, because it got us to go to the doc finally to get some antibiotics, which resulted in us being actually healthy for the first time in about a month right in time for Christmas.  So I'm calling it a happy thing!  After a full course of antibiotics and lots of rest, I am happy to report that I can breathe through my nose again and my throat doesn't hurt at all.  The kids never did get it, thank goodness!

The kids had their final performance of Fiddler on the Roof and they were great!  Haven made a last minute adjustment and instead of singing to the little girl he was supposed to sing to in the final song, he went up to the front of the stage and sang right to the audience.  I was saying, "Go sing to Nora!  Go sing to Nora!" but he ignored me and did everything front and center.  After, I asked what happened and he said, "I decided to sing to my audience instead of to Nora."  I said, "That's not your decision to make."  to which he replied, "Well, I made it!"  He's a little diva.  And notice that it was his audience and not the audience.  Hannah Jane hit all her marks and the show was adorable!

Christmas was lovely.  We Skyped with my dad and my mom as the kids opened their gifts from them on Christmas Eve.  Then Santa came by the next morning and we had more unwrapping chaos.  Rather than hit you with a ton of gift opening pictures, I give you this single photo that pretty much sums it up.

There's a space where the 2 couches meet and that's where all of the wrapping paper got tossed during the 2 day event.  Hannah Jane needed to dig out some directions for her toy from the trash pit and started yelling, "I'm stuck!  Hunter, I need you!"  Hunter pulled her out by the ankles and they had so much fun that they took turns diving into the paper pit and pulling each other out with dramatic flare.  I don't know why we buy them gifts instead of just a ton of paper to swim in.

BY far, the funniest event of the holiday was when one of my mom's gifts for Haven arrived.  I opened it so that I could wrap it for her, and out of the box I pulled a huge, heavy, very real pick ax!  He told her he wants to be a miner and so he wanted mining tools for Christmas and she ordered it online, thinking it was a toy, but it was really a serious pick ax that he would certainly harm himself of one of us with.  I texted my mom and asked if she would be mad if we didn't give our 5 year old the intense killing implement she sent him and she confirmed that she thought it was a toy. LOL!  When the kids asked what that was, I said that it had been sent here by mistake and Haven apparently whispered to Hannah Jane that he knew that it was from Grandma for him because she knows he needs mining tools and she loves him enough to send him the real deal.  Nothing gets by him!  Bu she sent him other cool mining themed things as well, so it was no big deal for him not to get the giant pick ax.  Joe and I joked about framing it and putting it on his wall as a symbol of his grandma's faith in his abilities, but I think she's going to send us the receipt so that
she can get her money back.

This morning we sat down and started working on our thank you cards.  Last year we had a little Thank-You party and invited a friend over to make handmade cards and fill them out.  This year, being so far behind from our epic illness, we kept it low key.  I made a dry erase template and sat everyone down at the bar with pencils and store bought cards and they wrote and passed, assembly line style.  Less personal, but it got the job done in a year when that's about all we're good for.  By the new year, I intend to be fully back on top of things and back to going all out on everything we do!

Now it's time to make resolutions and reflect on the bygone year.  But more on that later.  One of my resolutions will certainly be to get back on top of posting regularly.  With my new found health, I think I can tackle that!  Happy New Year, friends!

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