December 9, 2012

Family Fun

So my laptop may or may not have been revived.  I called my usual PC repair guys and they said that based upon my description, it sounded like a mother board issue and they could look at it for $80, but the odds were good that there would be nothing that they could do.  That didn't sound like a very good deal to me, so I bought an external drive, sucked every last file off of my laptop, and restored it to factory settings.  So far it seems to be working fine, but I haven't loaded any of my word processing software yet, and that's when I most noticed the issues.  Anyway, for now I'm semi back in business!

Since last I was here, we've been chugging along with some good old fashioned family fun.  Last weekend we went roller blading with the kiddos.  I know I'm supposed to be all grown up and all, but there's nothing more fun than roller blading with the kids.  It feels like flying!
Yeah...I don't know why on earth I elected to wear a skirt roller blading.  But I did. I have to tell you, Hunter gave me what was maybe the best moment of my year while we were there.  He finally started holding my hand as we skated around and when he wore out, we went out and took a little break together at our table.  As he sipped on his lemonade, I asked, "If you could be anywhere in the world doing anything at all, where would it be?"  I kid you not, he reached over and rubbed my hand and said, "Of course I'd be right here with you doing exactly this!"  How sweet it that?  Mushy moments with Hunter are hard to come by and that made my entire year!

Joe and Hannah Jane whizzed around together quite a bit until Hannah Jane made a little friend her own age and he got ditched.  I felt bad because Hunter had been skating with him until I stole him away!

I think that the kids may like skating as much as their mom!  Roller blading day was a hit and we all went home nice and tired.

The rest of the week was spent getting my final feedback from beta readers and getting my book back to the editor for what I'm pretty sure was the very last time.  That was less traumatic than I anticipated.  Overall, the response was quite favorable and most people agreed that it was the book that they wished they had had when they began homeschooling.  Yay!  That's exactly what I wanted it to be!  It sounds like we're probably pushed back again on the publication date.  First it was November, then they pushed it to January.  Now I'm told January or February, which I assume means February.  LOL!  But I've worked on this for too long to get impatient now.  I assume longer work time means better final project.  It's come so far during this whole editing and publishing process!

And yesterday, Joe's mom and Aunt came out to visit.  Yay!  We drove down to Salt Lake City to get them and spent the evening bumming around waiting for it to get dark so that we could go to  Thanksgiving Point for the lights.  This ended up being kind of  funny!  When you go there, they tell you "no stopping your car as you drive through!"  We paid, drove in, and we were stuck forever!  It was funny  for a while, and then we started to worry that someone was hurt ahead or had a wreck because we hadn't moved in a very long time.  While we sat there, Hunter said, "Hey look!  That deer is pooping!"  We all thought he was joking, but there was a light up deer who was being fed by an elf and they were catching his poop in a bucket.  It was really strange and we would never have noticed it if we hadn't been stuck in one place for so darn long.  Joe started joking that wouldn't it be funny if they had forgotten to open the exit gates?  And you know what?  That's exactly what happened.  They lecture you when you pay about not stopping and then they forget to open the gates to let you out.  Traffic backed all the way up from the exit gate to the entrance gate before someone got out of their car, ran across the manicured lawn, and told them that they had forgotten something!

All in all, Thanksgiving Point lights were nice, but Willard Bay still wins out for me.  There's more and you can go through as many times as you like.  Thanksgiving Point is shorter, but their displays are more detailed.    Because of the detail, Joe liked Thanksgiving Point better.  But I think he's crazy!  Wednesday we're taking Joe's family to Ogden's Christmas Village.  That's always a winner!

And now that I think I have my computer back in order, hopefully I'll be back to regular posts.  I can't wait for the kids to finish their vision boards so I can share them with you.  They are kind of hilarious!

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