December 21, 2012

Kid Vision Boards

I promised to post pictures of the kids' vision boards, but then all of the germs flew our way and I'm just now getting around to it.

A few people have asked what a vision  board is, and to us, it's just a poster board with pictures that look like what we envision our futures to look like.  It's kind of a way to be mindfully optimistic in the day to day.  And when the kids gripe about, "Why do I have to do this?  This is no fun!" I can point to their boards and ask, "Can you get there without this skill?"  If the answer is a legitimate yes, then maybe we drop it if it's not enjoyable.  If the answer is that they have to have this skill to get where they want to go even though it's boring the crud out of them at the moment, we proceed and they have a little more appreciation for why we're doing it.

I imagine that vision boards mean different things to different people, but that's what ours were.  I asked the kids to envision what their ideal future lives looked like and to flip through a stack of magazines that I picked up from the thrift store for a dime a pop and cut out anything that looked like a happy future to them.  It was really interesting to see what they chose.  And they were quite interested in mine.  It gave us a nice chance to get to know ourselves and each other a little better.

On to the boards!

Hunter's was exactly what I'd expect.  Ha!  He generally doesn't care if other people exist, outside of the family, that is, so it was no surprise that his was covered in pictures of remote cabins and outdoorsy places that he said he wanted to go alone.  Actually, what he said was, "I'm going to live on a mountain in a cabin that build by myself and I'm only going to come down about every 5 years or so.  You guys are the only ones who will be allowed to come on my mountain.  And don't bring friends.  Okay?"  Haha!  I love that kid!   He will make his living mapping caves (pretty sure this is because he found a caving picture and there were no paleontologist pictures to be found) - alone - and he'll have that cute puppy up there as his constant companion.  A few days later, though, he conceded that he'll probably get a wife because our single friend who is in his 50's seems sad all the time and Hunter decided it's because he doesn't have any family to come home to.  So now he wants to find a woman to paste to his board.  Cute!

Haven was tricky to recon with on this one.  I tried to make it clear that this was supposed to be about the life we wanted to live, not about stuff we wanted to own.  It was hard for him to think lifestyle and and not stuff.  But we almost got there.  His ended up being perfectly  him too.  He has a reputation for being a bit of a ladies man, which I say in the cleanest of possible ways.  He just really loves pretty teenage girls.  Loves them.  Loves thinking about getting a wife someday and having kids.  His board had a beautifully decorated dining room.  He said, "Isn't that a great dining room?  I want to live in a house like that!"  There was a row of pictures along the top of beautiful women from an engagement ring ad.  He said, "I'm going to have a wife like one of them!"  And then there were toys, which were, "the toys I'm going to buy for my kids!"  Oh, and his backyard and bike are on there too!  I asked about what kind of job he wanted or what he would do in his leisure time and he just asked, "Well, what kind of job will get me that house and wife?  And I don't know...we'll do whatever our kids want to do in our free time."  Oh my word!  Where does he get it?  He kills me!  I said, "Well, that's a pretty nice house, so you'll probably need a really good job.  Whatever you pick, you'll need a big education."  He happily went with that.  LOL!

And Hannah Jane... poor Hannah Jane wasn't feeling all that well when we did this.  She padded down to the school room in her jammies about half way through and tried to catch up.  She wants to work with animals in some capacity - she can't decide between aquatic veterinarian, zoo keeper, and  biologist - so hers had lots of animals and lots of sugary baked goods.  I think I'll give her another shot at this when she's feeling better.  But she pretty much hit the high notes.  Animals and sweets!  Her exact words, if you can't read them, are, "wallow in sweets!"  How funny is that?  Hunter snapped, "Do you want to get diseases that people who eat too much sugar get?  I mean, would you pick sweets over health?  Because I think that's a bad decision!"  She said that maybe she's become a biologist who finds a way to make sweets healthy.  That's my problem solving girl!  Well played!   She also had making money and getting a good education on there.  And finally, she added some plants and wrote "love nature" beside it.  Well, specifically, she wrote, "love nachur" but I'm going to let that one slide.

Mine?  Well, I want to make my own little bit of money from my book, have a long happy romance with Joe,  have at least a couple of good friends that I can rely on, be brave enough to be myself instead of trying to blend in in this town, have beautiful surroundings, eat delicious and healthy food, have adventures, be kind, be grateful, and travel a bit.  The kids dissected just about every single thing on my board.  "Why do you want to make money?  Dad makes our money?"  I tried to explain that it would just feel good to contribute financially a little.  Nothing huge.  "Mom, you're not adventurous!"  To them I'll always be the most dull person alive!

It was interesting to see what surprised the kids about each other and listen to them explain why they chose what they did.  And to see what they thought of me!  LOL!  Now we're going to hang these up someplace where we can reference them often.  They've been just sitting on the school room shelf since illness struck, but son they're going up!

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