December 16, 2012

La La Loopsy PJ's!

I saw this little tute on Pinterest and had to try it.  Hannah Jane loves her Lala Loppsy dolls, but their weird little bodies make them a bit difficult to dress up.  Hannah Jane picked out a couple of $1 onesies at the second hand store so we could try it out and she's been bouncing off the walls with giggles every since we finished it!  We made some handy changes to the original, though, that make this a more kid friendly project.  The original was to teach  moms to make these for their kids, but who's got time for that?  I'd rather teach the kid to make them for herself, so here's how we did that!

First thing you need for this little project is a onesie.  You'll flip it inside out and then pin all around the body like we did in picture 1.   The original tute had you sewing once all of the pins were in and stitching right over them and that's fine, you know, but Hannah Jane is terrified of machine stitching over straight pins and I'll admit that I don't care for doing that either.  I know they say you can stitch right over them with no problem, but I've had some break under the machine needle and fly up into the air, so I don't love the idea of HJ doing it any more than she does.  So we started out pinning, but then I outlined everything in marker (the original tute doesn't involve markers, but I think it's a must!) and we would unpin half of the onesie and stitch it and then unpin the rest and go.  As long as you make sure nothing's rumpled up, I think the pins are  good to go once you've marked.  But don't mark without the pins.  The markings come out all wrong when the top and bottom fabric aren't pinned together.

Once you've stitched around it all, backstitching at the end of the sleeves and leaving them open, just cut around the stitching with your rotary and flip the whole thing right side out.  If  you're doing this for a Loopsy, make sure you choose a onesie with buttons from the neck!  If you make a neck hole big enough to fit over their heads, the whole thing will fall right off their tiny little bodies, so you need the buttons (or zipper, but that seems too complicated).

Anyway, it turned out fantastic and Hannah Jane is super happy with it.  She went and dug out the little animal friend that came with this one (a small plastic cow) and is making it a matching set of PJ's which basically look like those dog sweaters with no arms.  LOL!  She got a new Arabian Lala Loppsy form Grandma last week and she has one onesie left so she'll no doubt be making jammies for that one in a day or so.  It's pet is a camel, so I don't know how she'll pull off the dog sweater style for a camel!  We shall see!

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