December 15, 2012

Museums and Some Icky Flu-Like Thing

Well, another wee k has come and gone.  Gramma Jamma and Aunt Jeanie left for home early on Thrusday morning, maybe just a day too late.  We came down with some little (and by little I mean debilitating) virus/bacteria/space invading body snatcher of a bug just before they left.  Total bummer.  In fact, looking back through  my photos from our museum trip, I can visually pinpoint the exact moment it took over the family.  

Before they left, we did Christmas/winter gifting with them.  That's them comparing the palm tree ornaments that the kids made for them.  Those two are a hoot!

Wednesday we took them to the Rio Tinto Museum of Natural History up at U of U.  It's easily my favorite museum of all time (and I've been to some pretty cool museums).  It does bug me, however, that it's the Rio Tinto- as in the company that is single handedly trying to strip the state of all of its natural resources and thinks that contributing enough money to have a spectacular museum named in its honor will make us all forget that little factoid. I feel a bit torn every time we go there.  But they aren't getting my money.  The U is.  And so I'll also overlook the fact that they're our rival school.  Anyway, it's the best ever and if you're ever in Salt Lake, you really have to pop in for a day.

At this point, the kids were still happily playing with the water erosion display.  All was well.

Then we moved on to the earthquake simulator.  I chose not to include the picture of Joe helping in which you can see that he's trying hard not to let his headache and sore throat spoil everyone's evening.

But while the boys built towers and chose historic earthquakes to put them through, Hannah Jane found a ledge overlooking some dinosaur bones and started to space out into her feverish oblivion.  Now, this girl pretty much never gets sick, and when she does, it's usually a split second version of what everyone else gets.  This was no exception.  She was better by morning and has taken excellent care of the family while Joe and I have moaned and groaned in bed for the last 2 days.  Anyway, there's something about this picture that I love.  Her, all dressed in her dress and monkey hat, looking all forlorn in an all but vacant museum at night.    It's so her.   So little kid in attire but so grown up and serious in attitude.

Gotta love the views from the museum.  Salt Lake City is beautiful at night.  Boy would I love to live there!

Haven skipped along unphased.  He didn't get hit until early to Friday.

And here's where it really hit.  Hope I'm not in trouble for posting this, but this is the moment I realized we were in for something big.  Poor Joe, trying not to keel over in the museum.  When we left the house, he was perfectly fine.  By the time we got back home, he was in a state of pure misery.  But museums tend to do that to him.  Once we were in the Air Force Museum in Ogden when suddenly he couldn't move.  I drove him home and he spent the next several weeks in pain despite scans from the doctors and a visit to a massage therapist we know.  So I suspect he may be allergic to museums.

As we headed out, I saw this.  I was hit by it and stood there wondering if this is true anymore.  What a sad thought.  I remember a time when everyone I saw was striving to understand something more deeply, but now I look around and see a lot of self satisfied people with nothing left to learn.  Maybe that's this body snatching bug talking, but I feel like humans, children in particular, are losing some of that curiosity, some of that understanding that there's even more.  Hmmm...There's a happy thought for the night!

Well, seeing as how it's now about 2am, I should probably try to get some sleep.  Having been in bed for 2 complete days has really messed with my body clock.  I'm just now feeling like maybe I could drift off.  If I turn in now and drink a large cup of Joe in the morning and force myself not to nap, maybe I can be back to my regularly scheduled life by Sunday.  Wish  me luck!

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