December 20, 2012

Stomach Bugs, Snow, and Handmade Gifts!

I can't wait until I can type a post that doesn't include a personal account of illness!  This is the winter that will go down in history as the Christisons' sickest winter.   I thought we were all on the mend when last I posted.  Then Joe's mom called to tell us that she had the same thing we'd had and had been sick since she got home from her visit, then mentioned both head and stomach symptoms.  We only had head and throat issues, so I told her that she had something different from us.  Just hours later, my stomach began to twist and it began.  Illness number 2 with just one healthy day after illness number one.  Seems completely unfair!  Still, poor Jan had both at once (I didn't even know that was possible) and her doc said that her throat was full of blisters the likes of which he'd never seen.

Monday was my well day, on which we were scheduled to have our second choir performance of the season, but a blizzard like storm popped up literally 15 minutes prior to show time and moms started calling saying that they simply could not make it through the snow.  When people in Utah cancel on account of snow, you know it's bad!  So I went and took down all of the sound equipment, met moms at the door and apologized for the late cancellation and sent them home fast before it got worse, and drove white knuckled home myself when I was sure that the last of the families had been turned back.

But that gave me some time to finish up my gifts before delivery time (and before the unforeseen stomach bug hit).  And don't worry...I looked up how long germs live outside the body and still Lysoled my gifts anyway just to be safe!  It's a good thing I got that little crocheting window or nothing would have gotten done on time.  I feel better today, but everything I do makes me tired, like maybe my body is still shooting down the last little invaders and all of my calories are going towards that effort.

Since we've made the family move to handmade only gifts (Santa so doesn't count!), I've narrowed my list of people to make for just to make it manageable.  I spend more time on making fewer gifts for only the dearest of friends.   Seems like a good trade off from giving junk to the masses.

My friend gifts this year are mugs with little phrases sharpied and baked around the top (did you know that if you bake sharpie on to white dishes, it become permanent?   Amazing!), crocheted mug sleeves with cute little buttons on the side, and a pack of Starbucks cocoa and a handmade ornament inside.  I'm pretty sure that my friends who haven't gotten theirs yet are too busy with their hectic lives to read this post, so I'm safe letting the cat out of the bag!  And check out that snow in the background?  That's from Monday's winter storm!

And the kids managed to get their friend gifts done in that little window too.  They used oven bake clay and cookie cutters to make ornaments with each friends' initial and then texturized them with rubber stamps and spray painted them gold.  They turned out to be the most stunning kid made projects ever.  Like seriously, I want one.  I adore these!  The picture doesn't do them justice!

In school news, we managed to get started on our Civil War studies and lapbooks even though I was barely present.  We've watched a lot of documentaries - which is always my go to form of education when I'm sick - and listened to Across Five Aprils on CD while coloring pages for our lapbooks.  It's been a kind of relaxing school week.  Gatorade and historical movies and coloring.  Not bad.

My goals for the Civil War unit time are for the kids to read epic amounts of historical fiction, each learn When Johnny Comes Marching Home on their respective instruments, finish some pretty intensive lapbooks, and write some poetry inspired by the time period.  I think we'll finish it off with an family party where the kids will make dinner for the family cooking only time period food in our iron cookware and give a little after dinner show by performing their song and reading their poetry.  And then we'll probably do all of that over again for Culture Club.  That's the pie in the sky goal, though.  There's no telling what we'll actually get done.

I'm off to find throat spray and pray that I'm well enough to conduct for tomorrow night's final concert of the season.  I can't miss this one!  We're expecting an audience of about 100 people to watch a choir perform that hasn't met in about 2 weeks due to illness and snow.  It could be a disaster, but even that is better than no show at all and I'm the only person who can conduct the thing, so wish me luck!


  1. i hope 2013 is healthy year for you and your family

  2. Thanks! Me too! LOL! Happy New year!


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