January 4, 2013

Closet Organization for the New Year

A while back I printed out these handy dandy hanger tags with the days of the week on them onto card stock and decided that they were in fact life changers.  Really.  For months my husband's work clothes were super well organized and ready to roll all week long.  Gone were the days of looking in his closet in the morning to find something to iron for him and wonder, "Has he worn that shirt already this week?  I can't remember," or finding nothing to iron because I had been fooled by all of those non work worthy pants hanging in there and thought he had enough clean pants to get him through the week.

But by and by those card stock tags tore and then I got lazy again.  So, maybe they weren't life changers.  Maybe they were more like 3 month changers.  But I saw their life changing quality and decided I needed to bring them back in a more permanent fashion.

Up until now, I've only ever done this wacky, over the top organization  for Joe's closet.  But my kids really thrive on predictability and routine.  So much so, in fact, that when things are off the norm (like say the entire Christmas holiday season or vacations) I wonder whose kids they are because I'm sure that I raised slightly less insane children than the ones running through the house.  So I've decided that I'll  try imposing this new level of organization on their closets as well and see if my mornings become any more blissful.  I'm pretty sure that the whole, "But mooooom, I don't know what to weeeeeear!!!" that I normally hear as I stand in the kitchen making breakfast will fade away and be replaced by sharply dressed children at the bar ready to eat.  But maybe I'm kidding myself.

I made Joe's before Christmas in a slightly more manly print, and these are the ones I'm making for the kids' closets. I'm only making one set for the boys and I plan to loop the ribbon around 2 sets of hangers since they share a closet and space is limited.

Anyway, I intended to make this a no-sew tutorial, but then I found that my Fray-Check had dried out (who knew that could happen?) and so I reluctantly sewed these babies for durability.  That's probably best, but if you're not a sewing machine kind of gal (or guy) fray check will do.


1.  Take 2 coordinating fabrics and turn them into a 2 sided fabric by using fusable webbing and your iron.

2.  Trace the hanger tag of your choice on the side that will be the BACK of your tag.

3.  Cut out your tags.

4.  For the no-sew option, use fray-check around the edges, let dry, and then hot glue a loop of ribbon on the back.  OR stitch around the edges with your machine, stitching over the loop of ribbon as you go.  Use a Sharpie or fabric paint to add the days of the week and you're good to go!

The kids insisted on the possessive form of the day of the week, which is kind of hilarious because I had one beta reader for my book that was quite irritated with the possessive form of days of the week in the text and made an argument for why a day of the week cannot be possessive.  I guess it's a genetic preference because my kids do it too!

Go make these and see if they revolutionize your mornings.  I'm making some for myself tomorrow!  I want to slim down my closet to just maybe 9 everyday outfits and just 1 or 2 business/dressy things and get rid of the rest.  I started that yesterday and passed several outfits that were cute but not my style off to my friend Steff.  These tags will cute-up my closet and help me stay organized.  I'm excited!


  1. Love it! Over the past year I have done several rehauls of my closet but I keep wearing things I dont really like just because they are the most accessible! So another rehaul is in order. I may try this system too :-) Thanks for sharing and I hope you are well!!

    Book updates?! ;-)

  2. Chelsea, I saw another idea where you turn all of your hangers the wrong way and then once you've worn something, you make it right. After a few months, anything still hanging the wrong way gets donated. I loved that idea!

  3. Oh that idea is great too! I should do that with my husbands many many many t shirts hehehe.


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