January 14, 2013

Crafting Milestone!


Well, I'd say this was a milestone week in the crafting department.  Remember how, um, thoughtful I was feeling about our crafting handwork situation?  Well, I am super happy to report that the boys actually stuck with their projects and are now the proud owners and creators of adorable little faceless bunnies.  I'm pretty sure that they are even more proud than I am, which is hard form me to fathom considering how relieved I am that they showed the ability to stick it out and finish a tedious fine-motor activity.

crocheted square
After every row of crochet, Haven would ask if I thought it was squarish enough to make a bunny out of.  When I finally answered yes, he had some bizarre sort of personal party that involved lying on his back and running his feet around, spinning his body in a circle (looked kind of like break dancing) while he squealed, "I'm gonna have a bunny!  I'm gonna have a bunny!"  Hunter was not far behind in his related project of just stitching 2 squares of blue fabric together.  Upon witnessing Haven's private celebration, Hunter picked up the pace and their little squares were transformed into bunnies on the same afternoon.


We talked about giving their bunnies little faces, but then decided that we might wait and see if we like them better without.  It's easier to pretend like they are happy/angry/joyful/jealous/sleepy/etc when they don't have a permanent smile on their cute little bunny faces.


Hannah Jane is making a much bigger bunny and is still faithfully knitting rows whenever she gets a chance.  Oddly, her square is not at all squarish and gets more and more rhombus like with each row.  She's pretty concerned about how her bunny is going to look without a square  base, but she's done so much work that she doesn't want to start over.  And for the life of me, I can't figure out what the problem is.  It looks as if she's adding a stitch at the end of every other row, but I'm watching and I don't see that happening.  Maybe it's stretching as she works.  Who knows.  Anyway, she'll have a bunny of some form or another in the next couple of days.  Which will be an accomplishment, but she always sticks with her tedious hand work, so I wasn't nearly as concerned with he ability to finish as I was with the boys'.

To give their little hands a happy break, we're going to spend art time taking online drawing courses for the next couple of weeks before moving back to a more studious handwork project of cross stitching an abstract watercolor-inspired pencil bag.  Cross stitch is another one of those things that we've taken a stab at in the past and I agreed to let go of for a year to see if our development magically blossoms and readiness appears.  This week's bunny completion gives me hope!

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