January 23, 2013

Engine Building with Dad!

It's not often that Joe gets to have the fun of teaching the kiddos, but they got a 4 cylinder engine kit for Christmas and Joe took MLK Day off (mostly) and worked quite patiently with them on it.  The kids excitedly got all gussied up (Haven used HJ's hair bow as a bow tie!) and went in to work with him on Monday morning so that he could get his work e-mail in order for the week and get a start on taxes.  They returned home around lunch time and got to work on their engine.

engine building

It was so much fun to listen in as Joe took on the teacher role.  He patiently went over all of the engine cycles and quizzed the kids before they started building.  The instructions were characteristically incomplete.  You know the kind that leave you guessing more than a couple of times?  But they worked and worked until it was time to head out to a birthday dinner for a friend.

Then, last night, after dinner, they stayed up a bit later than usual and finished it right up.  There was a fair amount of celebrating and oohs and ahhs.  All 5 of us learned some things we'd never known before and the kids kept insisting that we should just take the engine out of the van and replace it with this one.

It's fun times when Daddy's teaching science!  Thanks, Daddy Joe, for being so awesome!

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