January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Today my little man turns seven.  I can hardly believe what big changes six brought on.  Our super shy guy suddenly talks to waiters and cashiers once in a while.  He had his own play dates for the first time ever.  He joined gymnastics and now confidently strides into classes where there's no one he knows after 2 year of standing lost on the soccer field, fearing his coaches and never interacting with his teammates even though they've lived next door for years.  It's been a huge year!  I'm starting to see his little personality growing bigger and bolder.

He's given more snuggles, laughed more, and spent less time in trouble.  He's become an avid reader.  He excels with word problems in math and actually helps his big sister with those when she's stuck.  It drives her crazy that he can help her out of a pinch, and it makes him so proud.  He's become a fantastic sharer and caregiver.   He spends his book time each night reading to his brother in bed.  He warms my heart.

So here's to seven!  A fresh new year of life and growth.  Another year to grow in love, to discover new things that he likes and doesn't like, to discover new areas of interest, to snuggle, to dream, and to find himself a little more confident and joyful.

I love you, Hunter-Roo!  You're growing in to such an amazing little man!

And for the grandmas and grandpas and godparents, here's the video from his birthday party.  His first ever party with more than his favorite little gal pal as a guest.  Like I said, it's been a big year!

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