January 30, 2013

Home Making Field Day!

Maybe it's because my book is all turned in and ready to roll out soon (hopefully in the next couple of weeks!  Squee!!!) and I haven't had much creative homemaker time for a while with all the proof reading , or maybe it's that new couple of feet of snow outside coupled with that sudden feeling that maybe we're going to be inside for many more weeks, but something's got me on a super homemaker's jag these past couple of weeks.  I've tried all the things I've pinned but not had time to do.  Like what, you ask?

~Homemade laundry detergent:  I made it, but haven't used it because I've still got a substantial amount of my Apple Mango Tango Gain left on the shelf.

spray starch

~Homemade glass cleaner, granite cleaner, and spray starch for ironing:  After having to throw out 2 nearly full bottles of spray starch  because the button on the top of the bottle fell off or got clogged, I decided that I really must make my own in a bottle that's a little more reliable.  It was so great that I tried more things.  They are all superior to the store bought stuff I had been using.  I'm in love!   On a side note, the granite cleaner called for Vodka and this made me sit and evaluate why I'm so terrified to go into the state liquor store (if we're facebook friends, you witnessed this little life crisis in real time last week) and whether it's because I'm a teetotaler and I'm just generally uncomfortable with the idea of a state liquor store, or if it's the combination of living in small town Mormonville, being a total people pleaser, and fearing judgement and the wrath of the community should anyone see me crossing the threshold of the sin market.  What an eye-opening self examination that little conundrum was.  And in case you're wondering, I'm telling myself it's because I'm a teetotaler while internally acknowledging that it has everything to do with my fearing judgement.  LOL!  Long story short, I used rubbing alcohol and the cleaner is still amazing.

~Indoor clothes line (I won't show you a picture because every time I go in there, there are undies hanging on it and that just wouldn't be proper!) :  This one took Joe for a loop.  We had something like 15 consecutive days of below zero weather, making Joe fear what our utility bill might look like.  Then he came home and saw that I had put up a clothesline int he laundry room and said, "I don't even want to know what sort of utility bill's got you hanging our laundry in the winter intead of using the dryer!"  One thing had nothing to do with the other.  It was just my happy housewife jag.  But he sure felt chest pains when he saw it!  I just got to thinking about what an energy waste it is to use the dryer when you can dry your clothes for free on a line.  Seems silly to only do it in the summer.  They still dry in the cold.  And our dryer is up against an external wall and vents right out the back.  At one point I opened the dryer and found some damp clothes that had grown frost because that sub-zero air had wooshed in through the ventilation and frozen everything solid.  Crazy!  Anyway, hanging just makes sense.  I hung the lines between the door to the back porch and the door to the water heater so that I didn't have to nail anything to to wall.  But it doesn't hold very much.  If I find that I stick with this little money saver, I might talk to Joe about perhaps nailing some lines up in the guest room that we could just take down when we have company.

rag rug

~Started a rag rug for the school room:  I have a huge horse feed barrel full of scrap fabric from bygone sewing projects and knowing it's there prevents me from thoughtlessly buying new fabric for projects I actually want to do.  So I needed to use it up and clear my conscience for future sewing and crafting.  The solution?  Rag rug!  And holy cow, crocheting with fabric is like instant arthritis.  My hands hurt so much, but the rug is coming along so beautifully that I can't make myself stop.  I whine and moan about the pain, and take frequent hand breaks, but keep on going because it's so fantastic!  I thought I had so much fabric that I could make one big enough to have our morning circle time on, but I've almost used up my stash and it' only about 3 feet across at the moment.  I was going for something more like 5 ft., so the plan is to leave a loop and add to it each time I have left overs from a project until it's the giant beast that I want it to be.

baby quilt

~Made a baby quilt for a friend:  Joe's co-worker is having a baby girl soon and I just so happened to have a very pink quilt top sitting in the closet waiting for just such an occasion to arise.  I pulled it out and appliqued her name to the corner and backed it with hot pink fleece.  So cute!  Can't wait to give this funky quilt to such a cute family!

soap rocks

~Tried my hand had felted soap rocks:  This was a pretty easy project that I've been wanting to try forever.  The soap looks like (or, is supposed to look like) river stones instead of soap.  Since it's wool, the wrapping will shrink down to fit as the soap inside dwindles.  Anyway, I thought it was cool looking to have a stone on your bathroom sink rather than a bar of slimy soap.  Plus, it's great for scrubbing dirt (it's sometimes called gardener's soap) and my boys can always use a little extra scrubbing.

love ring

~Made some cool wire rings with Hannah Jane:  Yeah, this  one's not so much related to home keeping, but it's a mom thing.  You know?  Participating in  your kids' interests?  Hannah Jane's obsessed with jewelry design lately and I told her that she should watch some tutorials and maybe consider taking a class since she's so into it and not just content herself with wads of wire around a bead on her finger.  She's got skills, so she should hone them!  We sat down and tried our hands at a love ring and and infinity ring.  Turns out, I like wearing them together, like love infinitely.

So, that's what I've been up to!  My little hands are sore and cutely adorned, and my house is running more smoothly than ever!  I'm glad I'm getting this all out of my system before book release time because pretty soon I'll be too busy getting the word out about the book to make detergent and rugs.

That's all folks!  I'm off to make kale chips and quiz the kids on the leaders of various Latin American revolutions!  See ya!


  1. Oh my goodness, that's a lot of accomplishments! Your rug is lovely, but I'm especially interested in your indoor clothesline. This is something I keep meaning to do but haven't gotten around to. I hope you'll consider sharing some of these great projects on Waldorf Wednesday!

  2. Hi Annette! Thanks for stopping by. I just checked out Waldorf Wednesday and it looks so full of great ideas. I'm so glad you posted a link! We are fairly Waldorf-inspired over here and I'm always looking for new ideas for ways to make our school day warmer. Your site looks like just the ticket!


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