January 1, 2013

Oat Squares and Square Words

I think I'm going to eventually delete my other blog about food and just post here, so if you happen to be one of the few who refers to it regularly, you might want to write down what you like because it's end is eminent .  Most of those recipes are things I won't cook anymore and since that one was really just my own little record of family recipes, it's no longer serving its purpose.  With my not-so-new-anymore desire to feed my family more really nourishing food, I think I'll just post my excellent finds here, as food prep is becoming a family affair and less just that thing mom cares about.  It's a good shift.

First order of food business this year, I'm looking for some hearty make ahead breakfast recipes and the first one I tried, from my most fave vegan food site, Oh She Glows, was a recipe for oat squares (by the way, Angela of Oh She Glows is starting a vegan how-to series this very week.  Can't wait to get more of her amazing tips).  I enjoyed the final product, as did the boys.  Joe and Hannah Jane turned their noses up at them, with Hannah Jane saying no way and Joe finally saying, "Are they healthy for me?  I guess I could eat them."  Which is what he says about all manner of baked goods that involve whole wheat flour.  He says he'll eat it, but then he is always in too much of a rush out the door in the mornings on whole wheat baked goods mornings to eat.  Very interesting... I'm graphing his interest in healthy foods.  Right now, we're looking at a serious post-holiday down-turn.

But back to the making of the oat squares.  Hunter asked what I was making and I told him that it was going to be oat squares for breakfast.  He said, "Mom!  You said swear!"  We all laughed and I said, "No, I said square.  But the word swear isn't actually a swear word ya know."  Someone said, "Mom said a square word!"  in a sing-songy voice and then Joe ran with it, as he tends to do.  "Now kids, don't let me catch you saying any square words in my house!  And no fake square words either.  I know what you really mean when you say four sides and it's just as bad as squaring!"  On and on it went for about 15 minutes.  The kids would yell, "Four corners!"  and Joe would fake spank them.  Then they'd yell, "rectangle!" and he'd send them to time out.  Haven tested him with "Oval!" which was not square enough to warrant a punishment.  It was hilarious!

Finally, when all the squaring was done, Joe went to the grocery store with Hannah Jane and Hunter, leaving my little baking partner home with me to finish the oat squares and play a few rounds of Blokus while we waited for the timer to ding.  I have to admit, I don't really grasp what a good strategy would be for Blokus yet.  I mean, I get how to play, but how on earth do you strategize for that?  It was fun anyway, and I was impressed with Haven's skill.  I think he out Blokused me, which is cool because I bought that game after listening to some Nobel-laureate talking about how it was one of those few games that really challenges one's spatial awareness.  So, Haven wins the spatial awareness prize.

Back to the oat squares, I served them the next morning with some homemade strawberry jam on top and they were a big hit with the boys.  They don't look anything like the picture from Oh She Glows, but what can you do?  Hers look a little more like granola bars, whereas mine are a bit (and by a bit, I mean a very large bit) soft and mushy. Still, I loved them.

Hannah Jane made herself toast and butter like every single other morning because I refuse to cook more than one meal per meal time and she never likes what I make.  I'm still on a mission to find something healthy and hearty that will please her, but this wasn't it.  Still, I think I'll make a truck load of these babies and put them in the freezer because the nutty,grainy-ness of them really made me feel like I was going to be full for the rest of the day and I felt more confident saying no to the boys when they asked to interrupt school work for a snack.  With those babies for breakfast, no one can get hungry before lunch time.

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