February 10, 2013

And so it goes...

There's been more than a little interest in my sudden onset of fun.  LOL!  And ya know?  It's kind of an embarrassing thing to admit.  I lost my fun.  Anyway, I haven't blogged much this past week, but I've enjoyed reading e-mail responses from friends and strangers on their gut reaction to my fun mission.  Mostly, moms telling me that they didn't realize that they lost their fun too, and what a wake up call this was.  My favorite e-mail of the week was perhaps the one from someone in Salt Lake who said they read my blog regularly during their criminal law class (crack me up!) and that this post warranted a note from said class to remind me of Abdul Baha's words, "Be happy.  Be happy.  Be happy."  Ahhh...yes.  Abdul Baha and Budha are my happy icons these days.

Interestingly, my dear, dear friend Gail is downsizing her home and amount of possessions and called me this morning offering me some items from her Buddha collection.  Said she called her family first, since they were set to inherit things that she's now giving away, but that none of her Mormon family members cared much for her Buddhas and so she wondered if I would.  Would I?  Joe broke my garden Buddha last summer with a rake and I couldn't bare to part with him so I lopped off the top of his head and stuck a plant in it.  But Wednesday morning, my new garden Buddha and some sort of Buddha related wall art will arrive!  The joy!  It's like the universe heard my call for happy inspiration and sent me some new smiling, shirtless, fat and happy prophets to adorn my life.

As per my fun progress, here's the run down of minor steps towards fun this week:

In the grocery store, Haven mentioned how he would love to taste those football shaped brownies in a box, but he knew that since they would be bad for his body, he would never get to.  So I casually said, "Take your sister with you and go get them."  He froze.   "What?"  I repeated, "Take your sister with you so no one grabs you and go get the football shaped brownies.  But you have to share them.  And you have to enjoy the fire out of them.  K?"  He grabbed Hannah Jane's arm and I heard him giggling in disbelief as they dashed back a few isles to get them.  It was a small thing.  But it was a fun thing.  Little Debbie junk does not ever find its way into this home, so the shock of it on his face is really what made it fun.


I enjoyed an unusual amount of alone time this week.  It was decadent.  I had a little free time after I dropped HJ off at scouts to browse TJ Maxx with no little helpers.  That was actually quite relaxing.  And then I met up with my best, most encouraging friend at the coffee house where I experienced the absolute joy of finding a non-tea, warm beverage at the coffee shop that is actually vegan!  Turns out they'll make you a steamer of soy milk, and a hazelnut soy steamer is divine!   Then last night Joe took the kids to a USU women's basketball game while I went to devotions alone and had some time with grown-ups.  Ahhh...  I stayed out way late and enjoyed myself.  Alone time.  That's something I forgot existed.  It was quite nice.


This morning I did in fact hurl myself down a snowy hill on a rickety kid's plastic snowboard.  And I did crash every stinking time.  And while it was fun, it was also disappointing.  I have envisioned snowboarding as my winter sport, if only I would get out and try it.  But alas, I found it more terrifying than fun.  And yeah, I get it.  It wasn't an actual snowboard, so maybe it's not an indication.  But it was pretty ugly.  I can make it down the slope standing up on our sled every time, but that's got way more surface area.  It gave me a false sense of awesomeness.  That little board kicked my rear.  But I did it.  I marked one thing off my fun list.

And I added another!  This is the real kicker, folks.  Joe and I bought passes for hang gliding and paragliding.  That's right!  As soon as the snow melts, I'm off to hurl my person off of a cliff in a desert region just south of Salt Lake City and feel the freedom of flight.  After abhorring the freedom of flight down a snowy hill today, I'm not so sure about that decision, but somehow I feel much more confident hurling myself off of a cliff than down a snow slope.  Maybe that's the dumbest thing I've ever typed, but it's true.

So, I've made real steps in the fun department.  I'm feeling kind of tired, at the moment.  Maybe too much fun.  So I'm going to go take a nap and recharge for more.

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