February 1, 2013

Love is in the Air!

Ahhh...February. You snuck up on us this year with no warning.  There I was standing at the calendar during circle time scratching my head, digging through the number basket looking for January 32nd!  But nope.  It was you.  And suddenly we were overcome with visions of pink and hearts and love.

I love love.  Have I mentioned that?  Love it!  Last week Erica Toussaint posted this videoon facebook from the LA Baha'i center of Andy Grammar and his wife singing "Where There is Love" and I've driven the kids crazy singing it every second of every day ever since.  I picked it out on the piano.  I sang it to them in their beds.  I made them join me in a chorus of it during our virtues studies.  Okay...maybe I felt February coming.  That would explain all the love songs.

Today, when the official month of love smacked us in the back of the head and demanded to be honored, we had no choice but to pull out the magnetic poetry kit and find some inspiration.  Don't ya just love magnetic poetry?  We tried to make love poems, but there was an abundance of words like elephant and dinosaur in there, so we made poems that were only very peripherally related to love and then wrote them down and illustrated them in a very lovey manner.  Lots of pink and red in out illustrations!

the poet

Haven's poem about a monkey and a pig in the zoo was hilarious!

magnetic poetry

I love the line from Hannah Jane's poem, "the moon cried to my mom a story of something like summer."  We spent some time talking about what the story could be about.  What is it that is something like summer, but not?  To Haven it was "the pretty girl from Little House on the Prairie!" and to Hunter it was "dinosaurs eating ice cream."  Interesting interpretations.

Then it was time for some love crafts.  While the kids attempted to cut small hearts out of sheets of red and white felt to be sewn together to make a garland, I got out the oven bake clay and worked on a couple of gnomes.  I mean, what's more romantic than gnomes?  Okay.  Don't answer that!

rough gnomes

By the time I had my fat little gnomes sculpted, the kids had given up on cutting out felt hearts because honestly, kid scissors and felt just don't play well together.  We'll have to find one of the gazillion pairs of grown up scissors that we own, but can never quite put our fingers on before we can move forward with project heart garland.

love gnomes

And while the kids made lunch, I finished them off!  Aren't they adorable?  The kids are a little huffy that I didn't sculpt three kid gnomes, but these are only maybe 2 1/2 inches tall and I'm not sure I'm dexterous enough to make smaller versions.  That's a cozy for my travel mug that they are sitting on, if that tells you how tiny they are.

I guess it's time for us to figure out what we're doing for Valentine cards.  I cant' believe I let February sneak up on us like this!  Especially with that fantastic love perpetually floating through my brain!


  1. Your little gnomes are so sweet! And this post cracked me up because I just posted how February sneaked up on me as well!

  2. Awww...thanks! They're my new favorite project. I want to make some for every single holiday and season.

  3. I love their poems! What a fun post :) And I wish I could whip up something like that while lunch is being made!

  4. You could, Leanna! They're about the easiest little things to make.


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