February 12, 2013

Super Cool Free Art Lessons

Pretty sure I haven't mentioned these before, I and don't know how it slipped my mind for so  long because they are AWESOME!

Jan Brett, an author and illustrator, has quite a few free drawing lessons online and they are really so much more than drawing lessons.  The website is completely lacking in visual appeal, so you might click over there and think Well, gee.  This looks like nothing much.  But you'd be completely mistaken!  These are mini marvels!  She talks about the anatomy of the animals that you're going to draw, the different breeds or types and how to distinguish between them.  She talks about where the animal is found, and all sorts of other fun factoids.  So each lesson is kind of like an animal science and art lesson all rolled into one sweet video.

This week we're working hard on science fair projects and that requires so much of my attention as each child works on theirs, that the other kiddos are left kind of wandering and lost once they've finished off their independent studies.  So these art lessons have been just the ticket to fill some of that meandering time productively.

art lessonThis is Hannah Jane's giraffe that she drew during a lesson yesterday.  Considering that she submitted a drawing to an art contest this weekend that consisted of some stick people in a circle, I think this giraffe is amazing!  They've also drawn baby chicks, husky pups, and box turtles.

So, go check out Jan Brett's fantastic drawing lessons!

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